“Vanessa Hudgens Ties the Knot with Cole Tucker: A Dreamy Mexican Wedding”

Cole Tucker and Vanessa Hudgens get married!

the 34-year-old High School Musical graduate and her fiancé, professional baseball player Cole Tucker, exchanged vows on Saturday in Tulum, Mexico.

Over the weekend, a picture of Hudgens posing barefoot on the beach in a flowy white dress appeared on X (previously Twitter). Monique Coleman, the actress’s former co-star on HSM, shared a video of a tropical scene in Tulum on her Instagram Story, adding to rumors that the actress celebrated her wedding.

A representative for Hudgens and Tucker, 27, did not reply to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

After being spotted holding hands in Los Angeles in November 2020, the couple initially gave rise to dating speculations. In February, they happily announced their engagement to one another.

The couple, who met on a Zoom meditation group call, have been infatuated since the beginning of their relationship. “I get on the Zoom, and I’m like, ‘Who is that?'” Hudgens revealed in May 2021 on The Drew Barrymore Show. “I found him, and we started talking.”

“I’ll pursue someone or anything if I desire it. I messaged him right away, saying, “Hey, it was nice to meet you.” Therefore, I don’t think it’s bad to initiate contact,” she continued.

In November 2021, the actress and professional baseball player made their red carpet debut at the film Tick… Tick… Boom!’s premiere.

Tucker even boasted about his “cool” girlfriend in a rare interview, telling reporters at Hudgens’ event, “She’s awesome.” I cherish her.

Hudgens and Tucker shared a lot of adorable photos of their relationship on Instagram in the months leading up to their wedding. Among them were pictures of them cuddling up on Earth Day, putting their feet together, and kissing on Valentine’s Day.

Earlier this year, Hudgens posted on Instagram, saying, “Real magnetic love is out there.” “What an incredible trip it has been to reach my forever @cotuck 🥰, but it has been well worth it. Cheers to a happy Valentine’s Day.

The singer and actress previously described the wedding preparation process as “hard” during an interview with Drew Barrymore.

At the time, Hudgens said that she was having trouble deciding where to have the wedding. She remarked, “I don’t know, finding a venue is tough,” and that she kind of wanted to elope. I’m really lost, actually.

Hudgens said, “I mean, he just wants to get married to me,” in response to a question concerning Tucker’s thoughts. “Whatever you want, baby,” he says.

Hudgens admitted to being stunned by her engagement to PEOPLE in March, despite knowing it would eventually happen.
Regarding Tucker’s proposal, she remarked, “I was really surprised.” “We had discussed it, for sure, but I did not anticipate it happening at the exact moment that it did. I was crying profusely because it had taken me off guard.”
Hudgens opened up on how she felt about becoming engaged during an April visit on Today with Hoda & Jenna.
“It feels incredible. I was discussing this with Cole and I think it’s hilarious. Individuals frequently ask, “Does it feel different? “Do things feel different now that you’re engaged?” she said. “That was always my question normally, but now I get to be asked it.”

“And you know what, it actually does,” the star of Knight Before Christmas went on. “A feeling of security prevails. It feels so secure to you. It is the ultimate thing. I adore being engaged.”

Hudgens continued, saying she had known from the beginning that Tucker was “the one”. She added, “I think I just found my future husband after our first weekend together. I called my sister and was like, ‘I think I just found my future husband,'” adding that she was pulled to “who he is” right away.

In 2012, when Tucker was still a teenager, he tweeted that he was “in search of: A girl who’s down to watch High School Musical with me and scratch my back.” She also replied to that tweet.

In the Disney film series, Hudgens played Gabriella Montez. “I know it really is so funny,” she said.

Friends like Sarah Hyland joined Hudgens for a bachelorette weekend in Aspen, Colorado, in October, in anticipation of her wedding.

“Thanks to my GIRLS and @airbnb, I had the most memorable bachelorette weekend in Aspen. Couldn’t ask for a more ideal home base 🥰,” Hudgens captioned a video she shared on Instagram showing her pre-wedding festivities.

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