Grammy Nominated – Victoria Monét’s Daughter Becomes Youngest Person to Be Nominated

Victoria Monét has a fresh reason to rejoice!

The R&B singer, 34, found out she was up for seven nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards after the announcement of the nominees on Friday. One of her nominations included her toddler daughter, Hazel.

For the song “Hollywood,” which also features Earth, Wind & Fire, the two and a half-year-old is nominated for best traditional R&B performance alongside her mother. Hazel is the youngest nominee for a Grammy ever thanks to this nomination.

The young child responded to the news by “being on the phone watching Baby Shark,” her famous mother said to Billboard. She told the outlet, “She has no idea, but I’m so proud of her.”

She’s kind of freaking out since she has no idea why any of us are yelling. She’s already interested music and is beginning to make songs on her own, so I know I can explain it to her when she’s older, and she’ll surely enjoy it,” the musician continued. She is creating songs on potty accidents and similar topics. That this will be something she has forever excites me much. I’ve already started to consider her Grammys outfit.

In February, Monét revealed to PEOPLE that Hazel had a lifelong passion in music.

I see her picking up rhythm, attempting to mimic various cadences, and figuring out what parts of songs appeal to her. That childlike interest and purity about music just really excite me again,” the woman told PEOPLE.

Leah Peasall of the Peasall Sisters held the record until Hazel’s nomination. At the 44th Annual Grammy Awards, O Brother, Where Art Thou? won album of the year, and Peasall was just 8 years old.

Prior to learning the exciting news, Monét talked candidly about her anxiety on X, the former name for Twitter. She said, “Whew I am so nervous it feels like draft day.”

Hazel is shared by the musician and her partner, John Gaines. When Monét revealed her pregnancy in December 2020, she described it as “absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“I now have two hearts beating inside of me.So much more love. Two souls and two brains—what immense power. I’ve been experiencing extreme physical sensations, as my body is performing incredible feats. I can’t wait to meet my small soul companion on Earth side; this is the finest thing that has ever happened to me,” she wrote.
Monét posted a reflection on Instagram earlier this month regarding her six Soul Train Award nominations.

“Whoa! This emotion is truly something 🥹😭🤯.I am just incredibly grateful! Six suggestions? Whoa! I’m very grateful that @soultrain @bet saw me! She wrote, “🤎🥲🙏🏾.”

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