What Is The Net Worth Of Tan France?

Tan France is a well-known English-American businessman, TV personality, and fashion designer with a multimillion dollar fortune.

France has an astounding $8 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His most well-known role is as the fashion consultant for the hugely successful Netflix series Queer Eye. In a similar vein, he co-presented Netflix’s hit reality series Next In Fashion and hosted the web series Dressing Funny.

In June 2019, France published his memoir, Naturally Tan, which gives readers an honest look into his life’s path. This achievement adds to his list of achievements. Along with receiving positive reviews from critics, the book was included on The New York Times bestseller list.

France’s narrative illuminates his experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, notably as a South Asian and Muslim guy, in addition to reflecting his extraordinary ascent to prominence.

Many people who want to live truthfully and follow their passions look up to him because he’s one of the first out homosexual Muslim South Asian men with a big role on major television series.

Tan France is the owner of two houses

The accomplished style icon France dazzles not only in the world of fashion but also in real estate, having two gorgeous properties in the United States.

His first home is located in the affluent and exclusive Hollywood Hills. He bought this property in March 2020, and it closed for a cool $2.5 million.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the location of the second home. Prior to undergoing significant renovations, the estimated value of this residence was $800,000.


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However, France’s dedication to turning the house into his ideal home goes beyond the acquisition. He bought a piece of property in Salt Lake City in 2021 with the intention of building a house from the ground up.

Condé Nast is documenting the building process in a new series called Home at Last, in which he discloses every stage of the building process, from the first design decisions to the last touches.

“I wanted to share the progress every step of the way,” he declared. I am designing and constructing my ideal home from the ground up. In an interview with People, I said, “So you get to see every little decision I make for the house.”

France also talked about how he went from being an immigrant child growing up in government housing in England to having two wonderful mansions that he never would have thought he would own.

The fashion designer referred to his interior design aesthetic as “bougie grandma,” a distinct fusion of comfort and elegance that embodies his tastes and personality.

Interestingly, he realized that his taste might be more modern if he lived in Los Angeles or New York, but amid the tranquil splendor of Utah, he wants to add a little glitz to his new home.

Tan France has launched his fashion line

France’s career in the fashion sector started with well-known labels like Zara and Bershka, where he developed a thorough awareness of the industry.

Afterwards, he was appointed director of Shade Clothing. But his spirit of enterprise didn’t end there. In 2011, he made a risky move and introduced his apparel label, Kingdom & State.


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Kingdom & State is a luxury swimwear brand that offers a wide variety of swimwear alternatives, including timeless styles and distinctive materials, to suit every taste.

He was a co-founder of Rachel Parcell Inc. in 2016, a clothing brand carried by Nordstrom, the well-known department store. But after joining Netflix, he disclosed in interviews that he had sold all of his businesses.

Tan France’s early life

On April 20, 1983, in Doncaster, France, Tanveer Wasim Safdar was born to Muslim immigrants from Pakistan. He was raised in a very estranging environment in Doncaster since his family disapproved of homosexuality.

In his memoir, he also described the horrific experiences he had as a child and adult dealing with verbal and physical bigotry.


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France developed an early interest in fashion. He spent a lot of time working at his grandparents’ denim factory in Bury, Greater Manchester, where he was inspired by the magical world of Disney-themed apparel.

By the time he was thirteen, he knew how to make and decorate a denim jacket. In 2019, he discovered that the manufacturing of Disney copycat items had reportedly forced his grandfather to close the family factory.

Afterwards, he went to Doncaster College to study fashion while attending Hall Cross School. His quest to realize his aspirations of becoming a fashion designer took him from Doncaster to Manchester and ultimately to London.

A look at Tan France’s career

France began his career in fashion, working for well-known stores like Bershka, Zara, and Selfridges as a director and designer.

Having worked in menswear in his early career, he eventually turned his attention to womenswear, which he studied for his fashion degree. In addition, he styled famous customers who came into the establishments where he worked.

France immigrated to the United States in 2008, first relocating to New York City, and then formally leaving the country in 2015. After serving as a director of Shade Clothing, he founded Kingdom & State, his own fashion label, in 2011.


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He was a co-founder of Rachel Parcell Inc. in 2016, a clothing brand carried by Nordstrom, the well-known department store. He had planned to retire and have a family with his spouse after selling his enterprises, but Netflix called and he was cast as the fashion expert on Queer Eye.

His notoriety only grew, and in 2019 he had a standout performance in Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video. He took part in a special charity edition of The Great British Bake Off the following year to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer, and he won the competition.

He also co-hosted the Netflix series Next In Fashion alongside Gigi Hadid and Alexa Chung. In 2019, he also took a stab at designing eyeglasses by joining together with Eyebuydirect and accepting a position as a GQ Middle East official columnist.

He started working as Express’s monthly stylist in 2020. Additionally, he made a significant entry into the Etsy partnership by introducing the Tan France x Etsy limited edition collection and working with independent merchants to co-design a variety of cuisines and home décor items.

Colorism was the subject of a BBC Two documentary called Beauty and the Bleach, which France aired in 2022.

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