Who Is Matt Williams’s Wife ?

Interested in learning more about Matt Williams’ wife? However, for whom he had three wives. Between 1987 and 2023, Matt Williams, a former major league baseball player who is currently the third base coach for the San Diego Padres, was married to three separate women.

His first union, to Tracie Duncan, lasted from 1987 to 1998. He spent three years with Michelle Johnson before getting married for 20 years to Erica Monroe.

Since his debut in the late 1980s, Matt’s athletic career has flourished despite his failing marriage. He was a Gold Glove infielder, five-time all-star, and home run champion prior to becoming a coach.

Learn more about Matt Williams’ personal life and his three spouses;

Matt Williams’s First Ex-Wife: Tracie Duncan

The former baseball player married Tracie Duncan in 1989, two years after making his debut for a professional baseball team in the major leagues.

Matt had already impressed Tracie as a caring family man when they first met.

It should come as no surprise that Matt was eager to wed her.

He declined to participate in the 1989 Triple-A All-Star Game in order to attend Tracie’s wedding.

Williams developed his career in the NBL at this time, and by getting married, the couple was able to keep their relationship private.

They received three children: a son named Jacob, two daughters named Rachel and Alysha. The family’s lone boy was named Jacob. It is noteworthy that Williams and Tracie showed a strong commitment to being involved in their children’s lives.

During their time together as a celebrity couple, they seemed to have a peaceful marriage free of controversies.

Almost soon after Tracie filed for divorce in 1997, things started to go south. It happened after Matt was traded to the Cleveland Indians.

Even though he had played in many great seasons with the San Francisco Giants, the news of the business nevertheless came as quite a shock to him. However, this was not the only aspect of his life that would undergo a big upheaval.

Tracie’s feelings for someone else were proven to have existed all along.

After the divorce was finalized, Tracie relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she still resides.

The agreement grants Matt visitation rights, which he tried to utilize by maintaining a separate home.

According to sources, Matt was greatly impacted by the divorce. Out of concern for his children, he paid Anthony Pellicano $25,000 to look into Tracie in 2001.

In addition to his worries, the divorce alarmed several of his employees. The assumption was that he and Tracie would be able to raise their children together until they made the decision to go on an adventure to other parts of the world. He had also oriented his life on his family.

Matt Williams’s Second Ex-Wife, Michelle Johnson

The baseball player wed Michelle Johnson in 1999 after his first marriage ended in divorce.

Johnson rose to fame as an actress, unlike his first spouse, who kept a low profile. Modeling for Wilhelmina Models was where Johnson started her fashion career.

This led to her being found, and she subsequently made an appearance in the film “Blame It on Rio.” Through her several film roles over the following couple of years, she built a name for herself.

Williams and Johnson, who were married, decided against having children together after their union.

More on the wedding: Williams remained in Arizona to carry on playing baseball with the Diamonds, while Michelle stayed in Los Angeles to develop her career once it was ended.

Contrary to the popular saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” this was not the case for them.

When he testified in 2008 during the Pellicano wiretapping trial, we deduced this from his testimony.

He said that their marriage suffered because of the time they spent apart.

It appears that Pellicano was on trial for running a criminal business that made its money by peeping into the personal lives of well-known Hollywood figures.

Williams, who had previously used Pellicano, being called as a witness by the prosecution should not come as a surprise.

He said that he had declined Pellicano’s request to listen in on Michelle’s phone calls.

Despite his attitude, the couple’s marriage was doomed from the start, and they separated in 2002.

Matt Williams’ Wife: Monroe Erica

After two failed marriages, San Diego Padres coach Matt Williams wed for a third time in 2003. Our investigation discovered that the two met at a gathering in the early 2000s and hit it off right away.

In an interview, Erica stated that Matt’s active way of life and good sportsmanship turned her off to dating him. After enduring his pestering for a month, she gave in to love.

After that, they spent some time together before being married in 2003. Close friends and family members of Erica and Matt Williams were present for their wedding.

After a number of years of marriage and cohabitation, Erica and Matt Williams gave birth to Madeleine Monroe Williams.

Because Matt and his partner had been dating for some time, many people believed this would be his final union. That, however, did not take place.

Matt and Erica’s 20-year marriage ended in divorce in 2023, sparking controversy.

Details of their divorce are unknown, although they claim it was irreconcilable.

Erica has many advantages, despite the fact that Matt is more well-known for his athleticism. She used to be a news anchor, but recently her passion for cooking has gained popularity.

In 2013, she took part in “The Taste,” an ABC cooking competition. She was kicked out in the fourth episode, however she’s chosen to go into the culinary arts.

She has subsequently hosted a number of cooking segments on morning programs like Good Day LA, KTLA Morning News, and E! News.

Erica also writes for “The Hopeless Housewife” on the internet.

Matt Williams Net Worth

He made a fortune playing third base and managing teams. In August 2023, his projected net worth is $50 million, and his annual salary is $10 million.

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