Who Is Nella Rose? Get To Know About Her Life.

Nella Rose, a Belgian-British media personality, has demonstrated her talent and commitment for almost ten years, leaving a lasting impression on the entertainment world.

In 2016, Rose started her YouTube career. On her channel, she regularly posted interesting stuff like hair tutorials and shopping hauls.

She won YouTuber of the Year at the prestigious PrettyLittleThing Influencer Awards thanks to her powerful social media presence.

Later in August 2021, Rose increased her profile by co-hosting the BBC Radio 1Xtra podcast Pressed with Adeola Patronne and Mariam Musa.

Alongside Munya Chawawa, she took on the role of digital host for the 2022 Brit Awards red carpet live stream the following year.

The well-known figure also made an appearance as a guest on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s “Chicken Shop Date” YouTube series. She and Oobah Butler were named as the new presenters of the MTV reality series Catfish UK in the same year that Julie Adenuga was replaced.

In addition, Rose revealed a 40-piece summer collection in partnership with PrettyLittleThing. She won the MOBO Awards for Best Media Personality in November 2022 after appearing in an episode of Don’t Hate the Playaz.

As she gains notoriety, many fans and followers want to know everything about her personal life, including her age, real name, parents, dating history, and other data.

Nella Rose is in her mid-twenties

Rose was born in Belgium on July 20, 1997, making her 26 years old in 2023. The media figure, who is a Cancer, is well-known for her sensitive, sensitive, perceptive, and often moody attitude. She also has a creative energy and a compassionate manner.

Similar to this, Ornella Rose Hollela is the birth name of the television celebrity, not Nella Rose. Her professional name is Nella.

Nella Rose’s height and weight

Rose’s height is five feet and seven inches (170 cm), and her weight is roughly 65 kg (143 pounds). She hasn’t shared any specifics regarding her diet or exercise regimen.

However, the TV star openly admitted in a DailyMail interview that she had struggled with weight-related problems as a result of disciplinary problems.

Looking back on her path, Rose freely admitted that she had been very disciplined in the past. She did, however, note that she found herself lacking in the same discipline after her father passed away, which ultimately caused her to go from a size 12 to a size 20.

The TV star decided to spend two months alone herself at this trying time. She admittedly stated, “I locked myself in the house for two months, I drank every single day and I ate every single day, and I gained it all, and it was a pandemic.” Regrettably, this seclusion led to harmful habits.

Nella Rose’s family background

Rose was born into a family of Congolese heritage, Eseho Omolongo and Kamango Paul Hollela. When Rose was just seven years old, her family took the momentous decision to move to the United Kingdom, ushering in a new chapter in their lives.

The TV personality had a loving and close relationship with her mother and father during her early years. Sadly, her mother’s death in 2016 changed the closeness of this relationship.

She talked about the unexpected and terrible loss in a moving YouTube video, revealing the terrible truth that her mother passed away in her arms.

Thinking back on this significant and unanticipated occasion, she said, “My mother died literally a few weeks after I turned 19—not even a month. It was an unexpected and unplanned event that happened without warning. That day, I didn’t wake up thinking, “Oh, my mom is going to die.” She had just passed away in my arms.

Rose experienced another significant loss in 2020 when her father passed away, following the death of her mother in 2016. She shared a series of pictures on Instagram in May of that year, capturing special times the two of them shared as a poignant remembrance of her dad.


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“Rest in Peace Daddy, watching you suffer for the past month has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but at least you’re not in pain anymore,” the television actress said beside the image, expressing her feelings.

She went on, “I know you’re still by my side every step of the way, so I’m going to make you the proudest dad ever in the years to come.”

As soon as Rose’s fans and followers saw the post, the comments section was flooded with condolences. “I know he’s happy and watching over you,” one follower said, while another sent their deepest sympathies, saying, “My condolences Nella, stay strong because we are proud of you, girl.”

Nella Rose has one sibling

Rose has an older brother who is her only sibling; his name is unknown. “Me, my mum, and my brother used to be the three musketeers,” she said to her fans, underlining their tight affinity, as they talked about their relationship with their late mother.

The TV personality hasn’t released any images of her brother on social media, nor has she offered any additional information about him, thus she has maintained some anonymity.

Inside Nella Rose’s dating life

Rose isn’t in a romantic relationship right now, according to Celebinsights. She has, nevertheless, constantly been honest about her opinions on dating.

In a video posted on Capital XTRA on February 1, 2023, the TV star revealed her candid thoughts on relationships. She acknowledged in the video that she doesn’t follow customary first-date protocol, including expecting the man to hold the door open or pay the bill.

Rose said that although she doesn’t enjoy flowers, she does like more useful gifts like groceries, food, or money toward things like hair and nail care.

She also revealed that being ignored by her spouse in a relationship is a big red flag for her. The TV personality also shared her doubts about dating apps, saying she prefers more sincere methods of meeting people and that they are similar to catfishing.

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