“The Life and Career of Lara Worthington: A Closer Look at Sam Worthington’s Wife”

After getting married in 2014, Sam and Lara Worthington had three boys together.

Lara, a model and TV personality, and Sam, who is most known for playing Jake Sully in the Avatar movie series, were born and raised in Australia, but they first crossed paths in 2013 during a music festival in Central Park, New York City. After being married in December 2014, they spent nearly a year keeping their wedding a secret from the public.

Rocket Zot, their first son, was welcomed into the world in March 2015. Racer, their son, arrived in 2016, and River followed in 2020. Sam told PEOPLE that his favorite part of the day is “every second that I spend with my wife,” despite his hectic work and parenting his three boys.

“My spouse is the ideal present, so I celebrate Valentine’s Day every day,” the Avatar: The Way of Water actor went on. She may tell me how things are, argue, and moan, but I still love her despite all of that. That’s why I adore her so much.

Who is the wife of Sam Worthington, then? Everything you need to know about Lara Worthington and the actor is provided here.

She’s a model

On June 22, 1987, Lara Bingle was born in New South Wales, Australia. When she was sixteen, she left school to pursue her modeling career in Italy, having started modeling as a youngster in Australia.

She secured a significant marketing campaign for Australia’s tourism board in 2006, but the advertisements proved to be divisive. Lara was one of several Australians that featured in the advertisement, all of them discussing how they got ready for guests to travel to Australia. “So where the bloody hell are you?” is the marketing tagline that bikini-clad Lara said as she concluded the beachside advertisement. The term “bloody” is frequently used to emphasize a point in Australia, but the audience outside of the country was not as familiar with it. Due of the phrase “hell,” “Bloody” was removed from TV advertising in the United Kingdom, and Canadian regulators forbade the commercial from airing during family programming.

Notwithstanding the scandal, Lara carried on with her hectic modeling career. Since then, she has appeared as a guest on TV programs including Australia’s Next Top Model and adorned the pages of Elle Australia, Marie Claire Australia, and Harper’s Bazaar Australia. She has partnered with and is an ambassador for several brands, such as Cotton On, Speedo, and Emma Lewisham skincare.

Lara was a model, but she also had her own reality TV show. June 2012 saw the debut of Being Lara Bingle on Network 10, an Australian network. There was only one season of the show.

Lara has also made appearances on competition reality series. She participated in Torvill and Dean’s Dancing on Ice in 2006, placing third with professional skater Matt Evers as her partner. She and dancer Carmelo Pizzino competed on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars in 2011, where they placed fifth.

She met Sam in New York City

At the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York City, in September 2013, Sam and Lara first crossed paths.

Lara described the incident on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in May 2017: “I was there for a Cotton On event, and he was there with a few of his friends.”

Sam was immediately apparent to the model as the right man for her. “I told my mother that I was getting married,” she continued. And she thought, ‘What?'” You recently met this man. “No, he’s definitely [the one],” I replied.

She and Sam got married in 2014

After exchanging vows, the reclusive couple kept their wedding secret for almost a year. She acknowledged that they had tied the marriage on December 28, 2014, during an October 2015 appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“It was very intimate — we just popped in to Melbourne where Sam’s family is from,” Lara said of their nuptials. Less than ten individuals, just our families. We penned our vows and the entire party. Additionally, I was pregnant. The company enjoyed an afternoon lunch that the bride and her mother had prepared.

Lara also talked about her dress-hunting experience. She remarked, “I was in London right before the wedding, so it was really cold at that time of year and finding a dress—I think I was six months pregnant.” “At Louis Vuitton, I discovered something.” It had white color.

She’s the founder of a cosmetics and skincare brand

November 2014, a month before she got married, Lara Bingle introduced her makeup collection, The Base by Lara Bingle. At first, the brand sold a variety of goods, such as body oil and tanning mousse.

She changed the company’s name to Share The Base in 2019 and decided to run it as a nonprofit, choosing to give away 100% of its net profits to a few chosen charitable partners. The LB Cream, a tinted moisturizer with SPF, is the only product produced by the company.

She’s a mom of three

Three sons are the children of Sam and Lara. The pair didn’t disclose Lara’s pregnancy until Rocket Zot, their first child, was born on March 24, 2015.

They chose the name Rocket because “they just liked it,” a source told PEOPLE. Lara’s late father was nicknamed Zot, his middle name; the two of them were “very close” before he passed away in May 2008.

When Racer moved in October 2016 and River moved in early 2020, Rocket had a big brother.

Sam remarked, “Obviously we didn’t get past the ‘R’ in the book,” when he appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show in 2022. However, it is true that we were unable to have “Rocket” and “Sam” or “George.” I wanted them to have a deeper meaning, therefore Racer is derived from a poem about a child who loves life and being a member of the human race, and Rocket means to ascend.”

Regarding their youngest, they continued to use ‘R’ names as a pattern. “We were hoping for something a little more subdued from River, but he’s always a rogue,” Sam continued. “He is the absolute worst. He is the most untamed.

The boys don’t know that Sam and Lara are anything other than Mom and Dad, even though they are well-known parents. “At the moment, they think my job is Dad, and that’s all that matters,” he stated.

They relocated from Los Angeles to New York City in 2022

The five-member family relocated to New York City in early 2022 from Los Angeles, and they have settled in.

In March 2023, she told Marie Claire Australia, “I love the culture of living in New York with the boys.” “It’s a pleasant change from the L.A. bubble that they ride their scooters home from school because we don’t have a car.”

“I love that we frequently stop at museums or art galleries on the way home from school because I didn’t get to experience that when I was growing up,” the woman continued. The boys like the Museum of Natural History, but they also ask themselves, “Can we really not go now that we’ve been there five times?”

And the joy continues into the weekend with the family. She remarked, “We love to walk the city on the weekends.” “We love spending time together doing that as a family.”

She gave Sam an ultimatum about drinking

Sam shared his story of addiction in 2022 and acknowledged that Lara was a major factor in his sobriety.

The actor claimed that he was drinking heavily and frequently following the 2009 box office success of Avatar. He would, for instance, have four or five glasses of Champagne before takeoff; Lara told him she had never seen somebody consume so much alcohol before takeoff.

“I was unable to see it. I assumed it was typical,” he stated to Variety. “I didn’t like who I was. I found that drinking got me through the day.

When he was intoxicated, Sam remembered that he was “emotional and erratic,” and eventually, Lara had had enough. “You can do what you want, but I don’t need to be around this,” she stated to him.

Sam had been sober for eight years as of 2022, therefore she was adamant that he get sober.

She wants her kids to have a normal childhood

Even though Sam and Lara’s boys were reared differently from their parents—who were both grown in Australia—the couple makes a concerted effort to provide them with a solid upbringing.

We usually make an effort to lead as normal a life as we can. I never give that things much thought. She said of tabloids, “I don’t make it my reality,” to Marie Claire Australia. One of the reasons for their cross-country transfer was that N.Y.C. has harsher regulations against paparazzi than L.A.

“My mother taught me the value of preserving a small amount of mystery. I believe that achieving in this day and age is difficult,” Lara said.

“It’s crucial to lay a solid foundation from the start,” she continued. Sam and I have always stressed the value of those early years since development is a process that takes time. Our boys attend a highly progressive school, therefore we placed a high priority on teaching them moral principles.

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