Who Is Sami Sheen Daughter Of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen?

Despite being the daughter of two celebrities, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, Sami Sheen is forging her own way in the world.

March 9, 2004, is the 19-year-old’s birthday. Prior to Denise’s appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when she gave viewers a glimpse into her girls’ lives as they navigated high school as teenagers, her parents largely kept her out of the public eye.

Sami’s June 2022 OnlyFans account launch garnered media attention. Denise openly backed her daughter, posting on Instagram, saying, “Sami I’ll always be there for you and will never back down. I cherish you.”

Her father, though, was less inclined to offer his assistance. Charlie said to E! News that while he “did not condone” her decisions, “I urged her to keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity” because “I can’t prevent it.”

Sami has persisted in posting content on her account in spite of her dad’s opposition, and in June 2023 she will mark one year of being active on the adult subscription service.

Here is all the information you need to know about Sami Sheen, the daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, from her early years spent out of the spotlight to her highs and lows with her well-known parents.

She was born in Los Angeles

Two years after their wedding, on March 9, 2004, Sami was born in Los Angeles to Denise and Charlie. Denise gave birth to her younger sister, Lola Rose Sheen, a year after Sami was born.

Sami still resides in Los Angeles, where she spent her childhood moving between her parents’ residences.

Her parents divorced when she was a toddler

Four years after Sami’s birth, in 2006, Denise and Charlie called it quits. Since then, the model has expressed concern over her young daughters’ reactions to the divorce.

“I just think I screwed up a lot with their father. During an episode of RHOBH’s ninth season, Denise expressed her desire to prevent her children from remembering their early years as a time of turmoil. “My girls have experienced a great deal. I decided to keep the dysfunction with their father a secret from the children as a way to relate to it.”

Denise disclosed in an interview with The Local Moms Network that she made an effort to keep her arguments with Charlie private from her girls and refrained from criticizing him in front of them.

“I never wanted them to feel in the middle or think poorly of their dad, even in trying times,” she remarked. “Parents must come together for their children, even if they don’t want to be in the same room.”

“Suck it up — because they didn’t ask to be born into a family that splits and shouldn’t have to deal with a parent at each other’s throats,” the Wild Things star continued.

She appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sami’s mother joined the cast of RHOBH in 2018, bringing her into the public eye. Sami was a high school student at the time, and Denise shared some insight into the challenges of parenting teenage girls.

The Playboy model informed Sami in a scene from season 9 of the program that she couldn’t accept a date until she was sixteen, so she would have to say no if they asked her to homecoming.

Throughout the episode, Sami told her mother, “You guys are so freaking strict.” “Now I want a boyfriend because you told me I can’t have one.”

She then called her father, who expressed confidence in his daughter’s judgment but had a different view than Denise.

She’s had a tumultuous relationship with her mom

Sami’s relationship with her mother has seen ups and downs. Sami, who was 17 years old at the time, disclosed on her TikTok that she had moved out of Denise’s house, referring to it as a “hell house,” and was now living with her father in September 2021.

Regarding his daughter’s choice, Charlie remarked in a statement through his spokesman Jeff Ballard, “Sam is amazing.” She and all of my kids have my undying affection. I’m having a great time. Here we come, GED.”

Denise established “normal rules that any parent would be setting,” a source told PEOPLE, but Sami refused to follow them.

Denise has previously disclosed to PEOPLE that her girls would probably refer to her as a “tough mom.” The actress disclosed on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that she had cameras set up in her house in case Sami decided to sneak out or let boys in.

Denise discussed her relationship with Sami on the Jeff Lewis Live podcast on SiriusXM in February 2022. She said, “To be honest, I don’t get along with her.” It’s really challenging. Though things are tense right now, I know we’ll eventually get back to where we were.”

Now that Sami has moved out of Charlie’s house, a source claims, she “has her own place.”

“Denise helped her get set up and decorate everything and get settled in,” according to an insider. “Right now, they’re closer than ever. Denise genuinely desires to be near her girls. She is unwilling to shoo them away.”

She started an OnlyFans account in June 2022

Sami asked her fans to “click the link in [her] bio” after she shared a picture of herself on Instagram in a black bikini in June 2022. A few months after turning eighteen, she began posting explicit stuff to her OnlyFans account, which was accessible through the link.

Sami posted a behind-the-scenes “get ready with me” video on TikTok ahead of her one-year anniversary on the site, in which she discussed how she got ready for work by applying cosmetics.

Sami described herself as a “sex worker” in the video and talked about how she wanted breast augmentation surgery to feel “fully confident” in her physical appearance.
A few days later, Sami answered a critic who labeled her “lazy” for limiting her activity on the network to “content” rather than more graphic images and videos. She made it clear that she is not a “p—star,” adding that while she would find it awkward to film sex for pay, she is supportive of people who make that decision.

“I love my job and I’ve been doing OF for almost a year,” she continued. “At this point, nothing that anyone could say would convince me to look for another employment. I don’t understand why people are so critical of it when I genuinely enjoy it and find it to be quite uplifting and confidence-boosting.

Her remark about being a “sex worker” was later reported to be “causing a lot of drama” at home, a source told PEOPLE.

“Denise is aware that her daughter does not work in sex. The insider stated, “She’s just making up ridiculous things.” “On OnlyFans, she doesn’t even display any skin. Sami has four thousand fans. She thus earns $80,000 a month for doing very little and hardly putting forth any effort. She is merely playing with the audience.”
Sami had to stop vaping as a medical need after expressing interest in breast augmentation, so she booked the procedure.

Denise told Bustle, “I’m trying to talk her out of it because, and the reason why I’m getting [mine] out, is that when I was 19 I didn’t know how toxic [they are].” “And the operation is not simple. It hurts!

Sami’s parents had different reactions to her OnlyFans career

Denise increased the amount of support she gave her daughter’s comments a week after Sami created her account. She acknowledged to her Instagram followers that although she had received criticism, she respected Sami’s “confidence” and said she had no right to “be judgmental” given her own scandalous background.

“I received a lot of criticism on social media this past week. To be honest, I wish I had my 18-year-old daughter’s level of confidence. Furthermore, I’m unable to criticize her decisions,” Denise said in a statement. “Playboy and I did Wild Things, and her father really shouldn’t be either,” the speaker said.

And at her age, to be able to overlook the negativity? It took me years, and I still have difficulties occasionally. Her ability to block out the cacophony is astounding. as it has the potential to ruin you,” she said.

Denise became a member of OnlyFans herself less than a week after publishing the message.

When a source told PEOPLE in June 2023, “in a way, it was a great way to throw cold water on the situation with her daughter and all that drama,”

“[Denise] doesn’t do anything that risqué either, but she has 100,000 followers and makes $2 million a month doing it,” according to one insider. “Denise declares her desire to help her daughter. She thinks it becomes very difficult to manage what they do once they turn eighteen. All you can do is counsel them. Denise also understands that OnlyFans is merely a contemporary manifestation of what she achieved as Playboy.

“This may be something that Sami is doing to bother her father,” the source surmised further.

Sami revealed in July 2022 that although her father had not changed, she was happy to move forth without his blessing.

“I’m super grateful I have a supportive mom on my side,” she stated to TMZ. Sami responded, “No, he hasn’t—not too much,” when asked if her father had begun to assist her. Really, I don’t mind. It’s all perfectly OK.

Not sure whether he ever would, she continued, adding, “It’s kind of personal.”

She’s a fan of tattoos and music festivals

Sami has shared many of her tattoos, including a set of wings she got on her back, on Instagram. She also has numerous tattoos on her arms, including ones of a bear clutching a flower, a disco ball, and a rainbow.

Music festivals are Sami’s favorite thing to do in her free time. She attended the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas in May 2023 and has shared many photos from Coachella.

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