The Traitors Season 2: A Battle of Loyalties and Deception

After five weeks of The Traitors Season 2, we have removed nine competitors who came to the Scottish castle with the intention of winning the $250,000 prize. Some have been banished by their fellow Faithfuls, some have been killed by the Traitors, and one has chosen to resign of his own free will. Whatever the reason, though, the chairs around the Round Table are falling out one by one, and before you know it, the few remaining competitors will be gathered around the fire, deciding how to divide the winnings.

Nothing is more enjoyable than speculating, even if we don’t know any more about the result than you do. In light of this, I’ve created a power ranking of the 13 players that are still in the running, arranged from least to most likely to win the money. Trying to predict who will win this game might be a bit of a fool’s errand given the number of moving pieces, but based on the cast, it seems clear that some players have a far greater chance than others. I considered five main factors for the players in order to arrive at the rating.

The queries for the traitors are:

Will they be able to reach the final game and endure the Round Tables without being banished?
Will they be able to persuade the other players that they are Faithful if they reach the Fire of Truth?
The queries for the Devoted are:

Do the Traitors intend to kill them?
Will their strange appearance lead to their elimination in a future Round Table?
Will they choose to end the game with a Traitor in their midst, or will they be able to uncover the Traitors at the Fire of Truth?

Additionally, keep in mind that this ranking is determined on their chances of winning rather than just finishing. As new episodes are released and participants are removed throughout the season, this power rating will be updated.

Who will win The Traitors Season 2? The cast ranked:

Dan Gheesling

Dan might be the best player to ever compete on Big Brother, but in my opinion, he has completely messed up on The Traitors. Because of Janelle’s careless play this week, he might have avoided elimination, but there is absolutely no way he wins. Not only did he come dangerously close to elimination this week, but the “at least one male must be a traitor” hypothesis has made him its main target, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Furthermore, I believe the other competitors are wise enough not to cast their votes to end the game with him in it, even if he somehow makes it to the conclusion.

Parvati Shallow

While Parvati may not be in the public eye just yet, Phaedra reminded us so well why nobody likes Parvati and that everyone believes she is a traitor. This week, Peter also indicated suspicions about her. If she makes it that far, I believe she may be a simple target for the Round Table in the coming weeks, but more than anything, I don’t think the other players will vote to end the game with her still near the Fire of Truth.

Chris “CT” Tamburello

Although Dan’s elimination would prevent CT from being implicated in the “at least one male must be a traitor” argument, there is already a great deal of suspicion surrounding CT. Peter identified him as a possible traitor this week, and Larsa had been pursuing him prior to her departure. All things considered, he strikes me as one of the most likely candidates for the Round Table in the upcoming weeks.

Sheree Whitfield

I can’t picture Phaedra permitting Sheree to be killed on the one hand, and I also can’t see anyone voting for her in vain. She appears to be playing on a another world, though, and I could totally imagine her voting for Phaedra to win the game and giving her RHOA costar the entire purse. Her energy is like Andie/Quentin, which is not a good thing.

Kevin Kreider

It looks like nobody likes Kevin. He is suckling. He has his mouth open while chewing. The women find him bothersome. If he were evicted, I don’t think anyone would be devastated, and that might easily result in the Bling Empire star’s exile or murder.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Although Sandra is a shrewd Survivor player, she has shown herself to be a terrible traitor thus far, collaborating with Dan and Parvati and deliberately shooting the Faithfuls in the foot. At a Round Table, I could see the other Faithfuls going after her, but the Traitors have also thought about killing her in the past and might do so once more.

John Bercow

John’s lack of a traitor seems to be apparent to all, which will aid him in the Round Tables but may also make him a target for the Traitors. Why stay with someone if they aren’t protecting you, after all? He might depart as early as the following week.

Phaedra Parks

I believe that Phaedra is the only one among the existing Traitors who has a possibility of succeeding. Especially after Tamra and Larsa were fired, she appears to be going unnoticed. Nevertheless, I could see Parvati and Dan dragging her down as they were about to end the game because they both had it out for her.

Trishelle Cannatella

Despite the fact that Trishelle has been involved in quite a bit of controversy this season—including the Housewives incident and the Peppermint vote—no one seemed to be concerned that she is a traitor. She seems more astute to me than some of the people below on this list, too. I believe she has a strong chance of taking the money and walking out of the game unscathed.

Kate Chastain

Kate showed in Season 1 that she could handle being the center of attention while still managing to survive in the castle, so it appears that arriving late while the drama is already building is working in her favor. If it comes down to it in the end, I also have faith that Kate will be among the best at exposing Phaedra.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid

Mercedes “MJ” This season, Javid MJ has been assertive, and it appears that everyone views her as someone who is opposing the Traitors. She appears like someone who could skillfully navigate the end game, and I believe that he could be reluctant to murder her—especially after she targeted Dan early. I think she has a good chance.

Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen

Dan wants to beat Bergie this week, but his Shield ensures he will finish in the top 12. I don’t envisage a scenario where Bergie gets exiled, necessitating his murder in order to return home. Bergie may slink across the finish line, but I believe the Traitors will have larger fish to fry. Bergie is smarter than others think, as we’ve witnessed this week and in the cemetery challenge. He seems like the kind of guy who could succeed.

Peter Weber

And Pilot Pete is looking good at the top of the list. Pete appears to have not only identified two of the three Traitors already, but also a) devised a scheme to reveal Dan and Parvati, and b) assembled a group of the Faithfuls. I don’t think his Faithful group will turn on Peter, especially if he can kill Dan, and I think it could be risky for Dan/Parvati to kill him after he’s been openly pursuing them. Not to mention, he appears to have the best chance of earning a couple more shields in the upcoming tasks out of all the cast members. He is also capable of navigating the final game. A battle between Peter and Phaedra looks coming, and I’m waiting for it.

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