Chad Christopher Stevens For Tampering Evidence & Killing A Woman

Police in McKinney, Texas, arrested 42-year-old Chad Christopher Stevens early on Sunday morning.

Following their discovery of Heather Louise Schwab’s, 35, lifeless body at his residence in the 600 block of Pearson Avenue.

Stevens was charged with tampering with the evidence after the police discovered the woman’s corpse during a search and leave.

There may be a body inside the residence, according to a tip that the McKinney Police Department entered.

They got to the house about seven in the morning.

They closed the surrounding roads and set up Stevens outside.

Additionally there was a SWAT platoon, which gave directions to a neighbor across the street.

A resident of the neighborhood named Carolina Murillo claimed that police officers were still on the road until the middle of the afternoon.

Murillo’s family and a neighbor’s camcorder claim that they removed a refrigerator, a black bag that resembled a corpse bag, and other items.

Who’s Chad Christopher Stevens?

Brad After living in McKinney, Texas, Christopher Stevens is currently under police guardianship.

According to the authorities, he attempted to damage a dead body by tampering with the evidence.

After the police staged the body of Heather Louise Schwab, Stevens was taken into custody at his home.

Although they haven’t revealed Stevens’ relationship to Schwab, the McKinney police are diligently looking into the matter.

Stevens is peaceful, according to his neighbors. They only deal in basic trade with him when they meet him outside.

Carolina Murillo claimed that Stevens was constantly moving, working in his yard, and being outside no matter what time of day.

What happened to Heather Schwab?

A tip that a body might be in a house in the 600 block of Pearson Avenue was entered by McKinney police.

After obtaining a search warrant, detectives discovered Chad Christopher Stevens at his residence.

The Pearson Avenue resident Carolina Murillo claimed she was surprised to see McKinney Police on her street when she got up.

According to Murillo, “she said that police blocked off the roads and that a SWAT team called out commands to their neighbor inside the home across the street.”

Heather Louise Schwab, 35, was discovered by police inside the house.

According to the reports, Schwab had been reported missing before, and a few months prior, a woman had been spotted in the Stevens area.

She obeyed his instructions and followed him, but all of a sudden she vanished.

Murillo, Stevens’ neighbor, claimed she had stopped seeing Schwab and assumed the couple had split up.

McKinney police find the body of a missing woman

The discovery of Heather Schwab’s body in Chad Christopher Stevens’ McKinney, Texas, home upended the peace in the neighborhood.

Stevens has been taken into custody by the police, and they are accusing him of manipulating the evidence.

Heather Schwab’s death is still being looked into in the interim, and more details ought to become available soon.

Heather Schwab’s family announced her death on Monday, but they did not offer any other details.

The residents were taken aback and wary of what had happened in their area.

Despite the events, they are certain that the authorities will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and bring justice to Heather Schwab’s family.

Where is Chad Christopher Stevens now?

Chad Christopher Stevens was taken into custody by McKinney police and accused with tampering with evidence with the intention of harming a human corpse.

Murillo claimed that Stevens was constantly outside, strolling and performing various tasks in the yard. He was awkward, in her opinion.

Detectives discovered evidence while carrying out the search warrant, including a black body bag and a refrigerator. Stevens was charged after being placed under arrest for interrogation.

Regarding the case, the police have not disclosed any new information.

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