The Inspiring Journey of Clark Hunt: Chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs

Clark Hunt came from a football-loving household.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ chairman and CEO has been with the team for his whole life, even though he has overseen the current Super Bowl-winning squad for the previous 20 years.

In 1963, Lamar Hunt, the father of Clark Hunt, relocated his original franchise from Dallas to Kansas City and established the Chiefs. Clark and his siblings assumed ownership of the Kansas City franchise following Lamar’s death in 2006.

Clark is the Chiefs’ operating director and main motivator even though he is a co-owner. After taking over as the team’s executive officer, he achieved eight AFC West Division titles and made ten postseason berths before being named chairman in 2005 and CEO in 2010.

Following the 2019–2020 and 2022 seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs made three trips to the Super Bowl under his direction. Leading quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ squad to victory in the final two games, they joined the elite group of ten NFL teams to win three or more Lombardi Trophies.

Following the Kansas City squad’s 2023 triumph, President Joe Biden welcomed Clark and the team to the White House, stating, “The Chiefs not only hold the title again, they’re building a dynasty.” “Super Bowl champs in 2020 and 2023, dominating the league with 64 wins in the last 5 years, the best record in the NFL.”

This is all the information you need to know about Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt.

He’s the son of Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt

In addition to founding the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark’s father, Lamar Hunt, was also a major contributor to the founding of the American Football League (AFL) in 1959 and a co-founder of Major League Soccer in 1996.

Lamar, the son of oil magnate H. L. Hunt, founded the AFL in order to house his Dallas Texans football team after the NFL rejected his bid to establish a Dallas franchise in 1960. Lamar moved the Dallas-based franchise to Kansas City and changed their name to the Chiefs three years later. The Chiefs were admitted to the NFL in 1970.

In the football world, Lamar became a legend, winning numerous awards and recognitions, including the Lamar Hunt Trophy, which has been awarded to the AFC Championship Game victor every year since 1984.

Norma, Clark’s mother, was dubbed the “First Lady of Football.” After seeing the club win their first three Super Bowls, she passed away in June of 2023.

Speaking to a Kansas City newspaper in September, Clark said of his late parents, “This is the first year without my mom and dad, and they’re just so much a part of our organization, so much part of the DNA of the organization, so they’ll be missed.”

He’s part-owner of the Kansas City Chiefs

In 2005, Clark was appointed chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs. Following Lamar’s death in 2006, the franchise was inherited by Clark and his siblings, brothers Lamar Hunt Jr. and Daniel Hunt as well as sister Sharron Hunt.

H.L. Hunt, Lamar’s father and their grandfather, was an American oil magnate. According to Business Insider, “the Hunt family was among the wealthiest families in America as of 2020, with a combined net worth of $15.5 billion.”

He hired Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid

On January 7, 2013, Clark appointed Andy Reid, the current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, to be the team’s 13th head coach in franchise history.

To be exact, Clark was the one who gave Reid his first talk regarding his next professional move right after the Eagles let him go, over the phone. “I was lucky that when I called him on Monday, I was the first person he answered,” Clark remarked at a news conference in January 2013.

As for when Hunt realized Reid was his man, “It was probably sometime in the first couple of hours,” he remarked. “We hit it off immediately away because of his amazing enthusiasm. Thus, I was aware quite early on and also crossed my fingers.”

Regarded as one of the most prosperous NFL coaches in history, Reid is acknowledged for completely transforming the Chiefs franchise. And he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, according to Clark.

Clark stated, “That’s never come up in my conversations with Andy…,” in response to an NBC Sports question concerning his retirement in July. Andy still has a ton of energy and excitement when I see him.”

He went on, “He’s all about the Kansas City Chiefs and wanting to win another Super Bowl and get us back to the postseason. After more than a decade with us, I believe he is as passionate and full of enthusiasm as ever.

His wife is a former Kansas City Chiefs intern

In 1991, while Tavia Hunt was an intern for the Kansas City Chiefs, Hunt met her husband.

“I worked as a PR intern in college in 1991,” she told a local news source in Kansas City. “We returned to start the season after the first kickoff luncheon at the end of the summer. Following that, a kind man by the name of Clark approached me.”

After their first talk, Tavia claimed to have discovered they “had so much in common”. “The rest is history—he asked if I’d like to have dinner sometime.”

He has three children

Three children, a son named Knobel Hunt and two daughters, Gracie and Ava, are the offspring of Clark and Tavia. Being supporters of the Chiefs, the whole family is frequently spotted on the sidelines during games.

Tavia stated that “faith, family, and football” are the “cornerstones for our family” in an interview with the aforementioned Kansas City publication. “But we say football is family because we really believe that we were made for relationships,” the woman continued.

Before the 2023 Super Bowl, Gracie said to Fox News, “I grew up on the sidelines. I’ve liked seeing my parents, who are incredible role models, run the organization and express their religion.”

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