“Discover the Art of Collaboration: Martine Rose and Stella Artois Join Forces in a Capsule Collection”

Martine Rose, a London-based designer, has collaborated with pilsner beer brand Stella Artois on a one-of-a-kind project that pays respect to the rich tradition of British subcultures, with a special nod to the Pool Hall.

The collection, which mixes punk energy with Stella Artois tradition, is lead by an oversized bomber jacket that incorporates iconic beer mat towelling into jacket linings while also repurposing Stella Artois’ distinctive motifs. Constructed from brown leather and embellished with a distinctive shearling collar, the piece adopts an intentionally imperfect appearance and masterfully embodies the partnership’s combination of vintage and modern aesthetics.

A pair of worn trousers with branded patches and an oversized graphic T-shirt with Stella Artois paper-feel bottle labels and the characteristic Martine Rose emblem are other highlights. A button-down shirt suggestive of classified newspapers, UK tabloid culture, and showcasing Martine Rose’s backstage picture completes the ensemble with a newspaper theme constructed from collaged Stella Artois packaging.

The collaboration will be available on on December 1, with a second release at Dover Street Market and Machine-A on December 8.

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