Who Is Michael Hanley? Michael Hanley horse video

The viral horse video featuring Michael Hanley has garnered significant attention on the internet, leading to extensive debates and discussions over his purported role in the incident.

The video went popular on the internet with the captions “Always keep a password on your phone” and “Michael Hanley left his phone in the pub; look what he was doing.”

Nobody was able to identify the phone’s owner right away.

Internet users were able to connect the video to Michael Hanley, a Dublin resident and owner of Comfort Carriages, a horse-drawn carriage business.

Netizens were incensed by the horse video and accused Hanley of mistreating the animal.

Hanley vehemently disputes the accusations, claiming that his company was the victim of a false flag operation by competitors that started a slanderous campaign.

Hanley further asserted that he is not the man in the video, which has been making the rounds online in Germany since 2021.

Hanley claims that although the carriage owner has tattoos on his arm, the culprit in the video does not.

Michael Hanley horse video: What happened?

Michael Hanley was featured in a recent horse video that went viral after being initially reported on X, the former name for Twitter.

Many first claimed Hanley was the man in the video, which showed a man in an orange t-shirt acting inappropriately around a horse.

In a timely manner, Hanley refuted the accusations, emphasizing a crucial distinction.

One thing about the guy in the video is that his arms aren’t covered in tattoos.

Hanley contends that his rivals planned a nefarious scheme to use the footage to damage his business and image.

Hanley has been cleared of all charges.

Who is Michael Hanley?

Michael Hanley is the owner of Dublin’s well-known horse-drawn carriage company, Comfort Carriages.

Over the years, he has built a solid reputation for offering top-notch service.

But when a horse video went viral and raised doubts about Hanley’s involvement and the integrity of the good reputation he had built, his reputation took a hit.

Hanley retorted that he had no affiliation with the video.

He asserted that the charges were a part of a plot to damage his business and reputation.

Hanley stresses his dedication to provide high-quality service and his conviction that the accusations are baseless in spite of the issue.

Michael Hanley not involved in Infamous Horse Video

Hanley has unequivocally denied having anything to do with the current, scandalous horse videotape that has gone viral online.

He disputes being the person with the tattoos on his arms and the orange t-shirt, even though he is indicted for animal abuse in the video.

Hanley has also confirmed that his opponents’ deliberate defamation campaign included the videotape.

Michael Hanley horse video Reddit

A lot of people stirred up controversy on social media sites like Reddit by sharing their thoughts on the Michael Hanley horse video.

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Following the claims, Hanley was defended by numerous internet users.

They claimed that the video was a part of a plot to make him and his business look bad.

Screenshots from Hanley’s social media accounts were used as proof.

It’s crucial to remember that the widely shared zoophilia film on the internet is authentic, even though they disproved the accusations made against Hanley.

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