“Ohio Auto Shop Explosion: 3 Dead, 1 Injured After Explosion

At an Ohio car body shop on Tuesday, there was an explosion that claimed three lives and injured another.

NBC affiliate WLWT and CBS affiliate WKRC-TV reported that the explosion happened at Jimbo’s Auto Shop in Hillsboro at approximately 4 p.m. local time, as per the authorities. Not long after, there was a fire at the location.

According to Paint Creek Joint EMS and Fire Chief David Manning, the explosion claimed the lives of three persons, as reported by WLWT and USA Today. Their identities are not known to the general public.

He further mentioned that the bomb victim was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night in stable condition.
When PEOPLE asked for comment, officials did not answer right away.

Blocks away, people allegedly felt Tuesday’s blast. Approximately five blocks away from the car body shop, the firehouse is where the local fire chief claimed they could feel the explosion, according to USA Today.

According to ABC affiliate WCPO-TV, Clint Moore stated that when the explosion happened close by, he was almost thrown off his backloader.

Moore told the site, “Everyone was running around the building, cars were catching fire, it was chaos.” “It resembled an actual combat zone. It was unbelievable.”

According to USA Today, workers at the scene toiled for hours, and it wasn’t cleaned until after midnight.

According to WLWT, eight different fire departments were dispatched to the location to assist in extinguishing and containing the fire that ensued after the explosion.

Manning remarked, “It’s really amazing the community support that comes out,” according to USA Today.

Officials praised all the authorities, community residents, and nearby businesses who came out to help after the blast in a Facebook post. They continued, saying, “Your generosity and kindness are much appreciated.”

According to the sources, an inquiry into the incident is still ongoing.

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