“Celebrating Tammy Slaton’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey: A Look at the ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Star’s Full-Body Selfie”

Supporters of 1000-Lb Sisters are as excited about Tammy and Amy Slaton’s modest updates as they are about their major achievements.

Their unwavering support was demonstrated earlier this week when Tammy posted a full-body selfie to TikTok. Tammy moves away from the camera in the 22-second footage until her entire body is seen. Then, wearing a black top and rainbow-patterned trousers, she starts to walk around and kick a couple times for the camera.

All of Tammy’s fellow TikTokers’ responses were supportive and encouraging. Many others said to the reality TV star that she was obviously “working hard on your journey” and “doing great.” She received encouragement from others to “keep it up” in her pursuit of her weight loss objectives.

“I’m proud of you, Tammy!” exclaimed an admirer. “I’m grateful that you exist and that you can make me smile.”

Another wrote, “Every time I see you, I’m amazed.” “Your deliberate efforts are evident; you’ve put in some work!”

“You look great, Tammy! One TikToker commented, “Keep up the amazing work,” while another said, “Tammy you look amazing you did that girl!!!!”

Over the past few years, Tammy has experienced a number of breakthroughs in her weight-loss journey. She weighed almost 700 pounds when she first started rehab in 2022 in order to get ready for bariatric surgery. When Tammy revealed in August 2023 that she had shrunk six dress sizes, her supporters enthusiastically applauded the news. Her surgeon has also persisted in wishing her well through remarks on social media.

During Season 5 of her TLC series, Tammy most recently disclosed yet another milestone. Tammy and Amy went to a nail salon before their scheduled sister vacation. Years ago, Tammy had trouble entering the establishment due to a flight of stairs that she was unable to climb. However, Tammy was able to climb the stairs on this visit, which delighted her fans.

One admirer wrote, “Every tiny step brings you closer to your objectives,” in response to a video TLC posted on Instagram featuring the sisters at a manicure shop. “Everyone is cheering you on.”

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