What Happen With Abena Korkor Video?

Recently, the Abena Korkor video has been making the rounds on social media, stirring up a lot of controversy.

Ghanaian socialite and mental health advocate Abena Korkor, 31, is the subject of a contentious video that was just released.

Korkor’s privacy is reportedly violated by the obscene content of the aforementioned video, which was posted online.

In retaliation, Korkor uploaded a video to the internet and claimed that Joshua Akamba, a former NDC organizer, and the deputy director of the CID’s cybercrime unit had leaked it without her permission.

Who is Abena Korkor?

Ghanaian socialite and internal health advocate Abena Korkor recently made waves after a purported videotape of her appeared online.

Before coming to the United States for treatment for her bipolar disorder, she attended the University of Ghana twice to study biological science.

She was diagnosed with the condition and taught coping mechanisms during her treatment.

She enrolled in the Biomedical and Forensic Science program at the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

Her bipolar disease caused internal health problems that required several rehabilitative sessions.

Following her visitors’ bipolar guests, she began posting clear footage on the internet to advocate for tone-acceptance and body positivity.

What happened in Abena Korkor video?

Abena Korkor was the subject of a recent scandal that started after a purported video of her appeared online.

Joshua Akamba, a former NDC organizer, and the deputy director of the CID’s cybercrime unit are two prominent figures that Korkor accused of distributing the film without her permission.

In a follow-up video, Korkor threatened to reveal the identities of multiple well-known people she had personal relationships with if the subjects of the film did not confess.

It has also been reported that she has been involved in graphic video controversies, one of which resulted in her dismissal from TV3’s Ladies Circle.

Abena Korkor was fired from TV3’s ladies’ circle over explicit video

Abena Korkor’s previous controversies with graphic films have led to her removal from TV3’s Ladies Circle.

She was kicked out of the program in 2021 when a video of her in only underwear got viral on the internet.

Additionally, Giovani Caleb, Korkor’s co-host and coworker, and she were engaged in a heated argument.

Korkor asserted in a Delay interview that he had slept with a number of well-known Ghanaians.

At the time, Korkor expressed regret for invading some of the men’s privacy and blamed it on her bipolar disease.

Abena Korkor, in the wake of the recent controversy

Abena Korkor seemed unconcerned by the recent issue.

She demonstrated her dancing prowess while twerking to the song “Goodsin” by Ghanaian Afrobeats musician OliveTheBoy in a video uploaded on X.

Korkor, who is well-known for advocating body positivity, posts graphic videos online to encourage women to accept and value their own flaws.

Apart from advocating for body positivity, Korkor has been transparent about her struggles with bipolar disorder.

She becomes a strong voice for awareness and understanding of mental health issues in Ghana by using her platform to throw light on them.

Through her honest sharing of her experiences, Korkor hopes to dispel the stigma associated with mental health and promote candid dialogue.

Her freewheeling personality is highlighted in her dance video, which also reaffirms her dedication to questioning social norms and expressing herself.

Abena Korkor is still using her internet platform to change the world.

She promotes self-love and raises awareness of mental health issues within the Ghanaian community.

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