From Sidelines to Success: The 5 Wealthiest NFL Cheerleaders Ever

The colorful and energetic antics that NFL cheerleaders perform on the field are well-known. Their area of expertise is motivating and inspiring their team’s on-field efforts.

These cheerleaders usually put on energetic, fun, and exciting performances for athletes, spectators, and fans alike. Even though their roles are essentially the same throughout the league, they are subject to different rules and restrictions depending on the teams. Still, their main purpose is to make the audience feel better.

Numerous things influence an NFL cheerleader’s pay. First and foremost, because some cheerleaders are more skilled than others, experience counts.

Moreover, they usually provide their cheerleaders higher compensation. Negotiation skills are particularly crucial for NFL cheerleaders because their pay agreements are directly with the corporation. The majority of NFL cheerleaders work part-time jobs in acting and modeling, among other fields.

In light of that, the following list features the five wealthiest cheerleaders in league history:

Who are the top 5 richest NFL cheerleaders?

Teri Hatcher – $50 million

Many fans are familiar with actress Terri Hatcher from her role as Susan Mayers on the hit television show Desperate Housewives.

Hatcher cheered for the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s before rising to fame as an actress. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the 58-year-old is worth more than $50 million.

Hatcher has appeared in a number of well-known TV series and movies. She portrayed Paris Carver in the 1997 James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” and had a significant part in the 1993 hit TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Stacy Keibler – $25 million

Although Stacy Keibler is best recognized for her work in professional wrestling, she was a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader in 1997 when she was just 18 years old.

Keibler is a model in addition to having small roles in movies and TV shows including How I Met Your Mother and Dancing with the Stars. Her estimated net worth is $25 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth.

Lisa Guerrero – $18 million

Lisa Guerrero is a journalist, model, artist, and actor. But she did attempt a career in cheerleading first.

Guerrero started her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL in the 1980s. She served as an entertainment consultant for the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots after leaving them.

In addition to acting in numerous movies, such as Sunset Beach, Southland, and the superhero drama Batman Returns, Guerrero is currently employed as a sports reporter. Popular Net Worth estimates Guerrero’s net worth at $18 million.


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Charisma Carpenter – $4 million

Actress Charisma Carpenter works on television. Despite having starred in a number of well-known TV programs, Cordelia Chase from the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer is undoubtedly her most well-known character.

She may also be well-known to many thanks to her parts in the Expendables film series and television shows like Veronica Mars, Charmed, The Lying Game, and others. Carpenter used to be a model and a cheerleader in addition to acting.

She had a brief stint as a professional cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers in the early 1990s. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Charisma Carpenter’s net worth to be $4 million.

Brandi Redmond – $3.5 million

Brandi Redmond, a former cheerleader, is the wife of Bryan Redmond, the Chief of Acquisitions and the original CEO of Sun Resorts International. She routinely makes charitable donations.

Redmond, who had a fantastic career as an NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, has never held back when showing her support for the team.


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In the 2016 season of Real Housewives of Dallas, the reality TV personality costarred with Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, Cary Deuber, and LeeAnne Locken. She co-owns Brandi Land, an online clothing company, with her husband’s sister.

Wealthy Genius estimates Redmond’s net worth to be $3.5 million.

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