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“The Truth Behind Auston Matthews’ Romantic Life: Gay or in a Relationship?”

Renowned American professional ice hockey center Auston Matthews has a romantic relationship going on with a gorgeous woman named Emily Ruttledge.

After meeting for the first time in California, Matthews and Ruttledge grew close. As their friendship became stronger over time, they became aware of their romantic feelings for one another. They decided to take the risk and begin dating in 2018, embracing their love connection.

But when it comes to their romantic life, the ice hockey player and his partner are quite private. Looking through Ruttledge’s Instagram account, it’s clear that he mostly shares pictures of his family and business pursuits. However, their social media accounts don’t have any photos of this couple.

Due to the couple’s sparse social media displays of their relationship, there was a lot of conjecture that they had split up and moved on with their own lives. According to some reports, Ruttledge might even be dating someone else.

However, several internet sources also identify Ruttledge as Matthews’ spouse, raising the possibility that they are wed.

It’s important to note that Matthews and Ruttledge have not broken up or disclosed their marital status in public to allay any rumors. They have a fulfilling relationship and are equally focused on their professions.

Ruttledge is assiduously pursuing her studies and working towards her career aspirations, whereas Matthews has had incredible success in the NHL. Their desire to keep their relationship private on social media can be explained by their focus on their career goals.

The couple appears to be content together and has not broken up as of 2024. Although their intensely private personality prevents us from learning personal details about their relationship, Glamour Buff can attest to their continued togetherness.

Is Auston Matthews Gay?

There were several claims on the internet that Matthews was gay. Glamour Buff can confirm that the actor is straight, though.

He has a girlfriend, as was previously said, and he has never dated guys.

He poured support on Luke Prokop after he came out as gay, which is when the rumor began. People mistook Matthews’s message of unity for information about his sexual orientation.

Who is Auston Matthews’ girlfriend, Emily Ruttledge?

Ruttledge recently graduated from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology with a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

She worked as a research assistant at Pepperdine University, according to her LinkedIn profile, demonstrating her interest in academic and research endeavors. Since June 2021, she has also worked as a clinical research assistant at Children’s Hospital LA (CHLA).

Prior to joining Pepperdine University (PU) and Children’s Hospital LA (CHLA), Ruttledge was employed full-time by Infosys as a business analyst.

Similarly, from May to August 2018, the girlfriend of the ice hockey player worked as a Private Wealth Management Operations Intern at Goldman Sachs in Utah, where she acquired useful knowledge. Additionally, from September 2017 to May 2018, she was employed as a research assistant at Arizona State University for a number of months.

She became certified in April 2021 as a QPR Gatekeeper, specializing in preventing self-harm.

In 2019, she also went to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to further her education.

Auston Matthews’ dating history

In addition to his partnership with Ruttledge, Matthews was rumored to be romantically involved with model Jordyn Johnson in 2017.

Throughout their relationship, Johnson frequently posted pictures of herself and Matthews on social media. The pair was also observed taking trips together, stopping in Scottsdale and Toronto, among other places.

does auston matthews have a girlfriend,auston matthews contact,auston matthews relationship,how to contact auston matthews

In a similar vein, the ex-couple relished vacations to California’s Newport Beach in July 2017, had dinner at Sushi Roku Scottsdale in August, and even went for a stroll through Toronto at night in December 2017.

But after dating for a few years, things didn’t work out, and they eventually broke up. It seems that Johnson has moved on and is now dating musician Joey “Bad Nonno” Francis, who was born in California.

Austin Matthews’ career

In his very first NHL game, Matthews became the first player in contemporary NHL history to score four goals, capping off an incredible debut. This incredible beginning laid the groundwork for an incredibly prosperous career.

Matthews created history in 2016–17, his rookie season, with 40 goals scored. A new rookie record for the Maple Leafs was set.

Matthews was named the NHL’s best rookie of that season thanks to his exceptional play, which earned him the coveted Calder Memorial Trophy.

With an amazing 41 goals in just 52 games, he won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy as the league’s top goal scorer in the 2020–21 campaign.

In the 2021–2022 season, Matthews accomplished even more. In addition to becoming the all-time leader in goals with the Maple Leafs, he broke records as the American-born player with the most goals in a single season.

Notably, he won the Rocket Richard Trophy for the second straight season and scored 60 goals for the first time in his career.

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