“From Courtside to Wealth: Discovering Iman Shumpert’s Impressive Net Worth”

What is Iman Shumpert’s Net Worth and Salary?

The net worth of professional basketball player from the United States, Iman Shumpert, is $20 million. 2011 saw Iman Shumpert sign with the New York Knicks to start his NBA career. Later, he played for the Brooklyn Nets, the Sacramento Kings, the Houston Rockets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Between 2011 and 2021, Iman’s NBA career brought in a total of $48 million in compensation.

Early Life

On June 26, 1990, Iman Asante Shumpert was born in Berwyn, Illinois. Shumpert was a member of the same basketball squad as Evan Turner in high school. Iman won three conference championships as a teenager and made the first team all-state. After that, he was ranked among the top 15 senior players in the country. Iman also demonstrated a love of Spoken Word poetry throughout high school.

Iman attended Georgia Tech after receiving his degree. He finished the 2008–2009 season as the school’s fourth-leading scorer while still a player. He missed six games the following season due to a knee injury, but he returned the following season and led his club in assists, rebounds, and scoring in 2010–2011. Shumpert declared himself available for the NBA draft in 2011 after shattering the record for steals per game held at Georgia Tech.


Shumpert started his NBA career with the New York Knicks, although he missed the majority of his rookie season due to multiple knee problems. He resumed practicing in 2013, although he missed three weeks of practice in 2014 due to another shoulder ailment. After that, Iman was moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015, where he immediately made an impact and helped the team advance to the NBA Finals.

Iman hurt his wrist again, this time after agreeing to a $40 million contract extension with the Cavaliers. He had his left knee drained later that season, which eliminated him from contention. Coach Tyronn Lue began to use Shumpert as a backup point guard by the 2016–17 season. He had a career high in 2017 when he scored 18 points against the Detroit Pistons. He did, however, miss six to eight weeks of action at the end of 2017 due to yet another injury to his left knee.

Shumpert played for the Brooklyn Nets, the Sacramento Kings, and the Houston Rockets throughout the course of the following few years. Wilson Chandler’s ban ended in 2019, and Iman was waived by the Nets.

Real Estate

Shumpert established himself in Atlanta following the signing of a $40 million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015. It was presumed by onlookers that this was an off-season home. Shumpert’s nearly 7,000-square-foot Atlanta house has a huge deck, a forested backyard, and six bedrooms. In addition, there is a double-sided fireplace, a lofted library, a spiral staircase, and a jacuzzi tub.

Iman bought his parents a house in River Forest, Oak Park, in 2018. With five bedrooms and 4,400 square feet, the $880,000-square-foot house is furnished. Shumpert reportedly listed his Studio City residence for $3.695 million in 2020. He paid $3 million for the house when he first bought it in 2018. The house has smart home technologies, unique lighting, and Italian tile floors. Its 5,700 square feet provide it ample room for amenities including a dining area with a chandelier overhead. There’s a handmade doghouse, a waterfall, and a swimming pool outside.

Personal Life

In 2016, Iman wed Teyana Taylor, an actress, singer, and model.

On December 16, 2015, and September 6, 2020, respectively, they welcomed daughters Junie and Rue into their family; Iman gave birth to each of them at home. The pair appeared on “Teyana and Iman,” a VH1 reality show, in 2018.

Teyana secretly filed for divorce from Iman in January 2023. It’s interesting to note that until November 2023, nobody knew about their divorce.

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