“Inside the Ring: The Controversial Move That Left Prichard Colon with a Life-Altering Injury”

As he approaches eight years since his last fight, “Digget” has recently returned to the limelight. The super welterweight contender famously had high expectations going into his battle with Terrel Williams in 2015 because he was still unbeaten.

Sadly, Colon’s boxing career came to an end that evening in October 2015. He received numerous ‘rabbit punches’ to the back of his head during that fight with Williams. The phrase first appeared well over a century ago, when hunters would kill an animal by giving it a little blow to the back of the skull.

Humans are undoubtedly lot larger than bunnies. Still, head blows to the back can be fatal and are extremely dangerous.

Terrel Williams still managed to hit Prichard Colon in the back of the head many times. The Puerto Rican fighter complained to the referee about the erroneous shots, but the official told him to “take care of it” himself.

Sadly, Colon almost died as a result of the illegal strikes. After round nine, his corner removed his gloves after he complained of dizziness, and he was declared out of contention. He would accompany his mother backstage after the fight. He started throwing up in the changing room and was taken right away to the hospital.

Eight years ago, the boxer was extraordinarily fortunate to escape death. He ended up going into a coma, though, and has been recovering ever since.

Rabbit Punches: How is Prichard Colon recovering after the illegal blows?

Prichard Colon was injured with unlawful bunny punches, and as a result, he has never been the same.

After defeating Robert Helenius by knockout in the fall of last year, Deontay Wilder famously remarked that “Digget” fans should never forget. The fact that these fighters are actual people beneath all the flash and glamour of professional boxing is lost in the spectacle.

Colon will probably never be able to become a boxer, and there are still open issues regarding whether or not he will ever be able to walk again, let alone engage in combat in any form.

Nevertheless, Colon’s tale did not finish with his unlawful bunny punches. His mother started updating followers on social media in 2015 about the boxer’s recovery from his injuries. He clearly still has a long way to go.

Colon can now walk independently in a wheelchair, exercise, and converse. He is also making progress toward walking, which is a remarkable accomplishment.

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