Is NFL Star Josh Allen in a Relationship with Hailee Steinfeld?

QB Josh Allen of the NFL is he dating Hailee Steinfeld? Whether you’re an avid follower of pop culture on the internet or a sports fan, you may be curious about the current whereabouts of this A-list couple who recently went viral. The Buffalo Bills player and Hawkeye actress gained notoriety earlier this year when they were seen together for the first time in photos taken in May. A few months later, they were spotted together on a Mexican trip. Subsequently, Josh Allen appeared for the first time on the sports podcast Pardon My Take in August, ostensibly discussing his girlfriend. What’s new with Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld, then? What is known about their developing romance is as follows.

Relationship speculations about Josh Allen and his purported girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld began in May 2023.
While they haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship, Josh Allen mentioned his girlfriend in passing during a Barstool Sports podcast broadcast in August 2023.
When the Buffalo Bills defeated the Las Vegas Raiders on September 17, Hailee Steinfeld was spotted there. Josh Allen was the team’s leader.
After Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld visited a Buffalo clothing store in late September to spend time with his mother, they were spotted together on October 12 at an NHL hockey game.

Is Josh Allen Dating Hailee Steinfeld?

Josh Allen seems to be dating Hailee Steinfeld, despite the fact that neither person has formally acknowledged the reports. Earlier in the year, following his breakup with longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams, the quarterback was spotted in New York City with Steinfeld over Memorial Day weekend. They were later spotted in what looked to be a photo of a double date with pals.
The “cute couple” had been “hanging out for a few weeks,” according to a source who spoke with People on May 29, 2023. The source also mentioned that although the relationship is “new, they are having fun.” They went on, “He’s going to be very busy with training camp, though, so they’re not putting too much pressure on things and will see where it goes.”

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld’s Relationship Timeline

Josh Allen and Hailee Stenfield’s relationship timeline is sparse because not much is known about their romance. However, we can piece together a few significant events, like when they were first spotted together while on a foreign vacation and when Allen appeared to confirm the girlfriend rumors. This is a summary of the whole relationship timeline between Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld.

May 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld are Spotted in NYC

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld may not have met, but speculation of a possible romance began toward the end of May 2023 after they were seen together many times over Memorial Day weekend. The couple was photographed by paparazzi spending the entire weekend together; in one photo, they looked like they were going on a double date with friends.

July 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Vacation Together in Mexico

As they left for a PDA-filled vacation in Mexico over the Fourth of July weekend, the two were spotted together once more, which fueled rumors of their romance.

August 2023: Josh Allen Seemingly Confirms He’s Dating Hailee Steinfeld

Lastly, on August 2, Josh Allen made an appearance on the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take, during which he discussed his purported girlfriend. “The fact that anybody cares about that still blows my mind,” he said in response to the question of whether he had read the headlines about his sultry vacation with Steinfeld.

He continued by criticizing the photographers who captured them on their private boat, claiming that being shot gives them a “gross feeling” and makes them feel “insecure.”

September 2023: Hailee Steinfeld is Spotted at a Bills Football Game

Hailee Steinfeld’s sighting on September 17 at a Buffalo Bills home game against the Las Vegas Raiders in New York added fuel to the speculations. Steinfeld led the squad to a 38-10 victory while sporting a Bills shirt, as shown in pictures posted on social media.

September 2023: Hailee Steinfeld Goes Shopping with Josh Allen’s Mom

Hailee Steinfeld at a Buffalo thrift store with Josh Allen’s mother
Instagram photo by @leveledupbuffalollc
Hailee Steinfeld did really push her relationship with Josh Allen’s mother on social media, even if they haven’t posted *each other* on there yet. At the end of September, the two went shopping together at a Buffalo clothes store. The shopkeeper shared a picture of the group on Instagram with the message, “Pinch Me.” We suspect Hailee Steinfeld was buying some new clothes to support her rumored lover, since the store specialized in Buffalo sports goods.

October 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Attend an NHL Game Together

On October 12, fans attending the Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers hockey game were treated to a unique experience. Josh Allen and his fiancée Hailee Steinfeld watched the game in Buffalo’s KeyBank Center from a private box suite. Despite the Sabres’ defeat, a video of the couple appearing close to each other went viral on Twitter following the game. One user commented, “What a time to be alive.”

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