Jason Kelce Says Travis Would ‘Kill Me’ If He Said Taylor Swift Was His Dream Podcast Guest

When Jason Kelce says he wants Taylor Swift to appear on his podcast, he should know better.

The 35-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center mentioned the “Anti-Hero” singer in response to Devin McCourty’s inquiry about his ideal “dream guest” on their podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.”

“I’m not able to say Taylor Swift. Just admit it; it’s too clear. In a video NFL on NBC broadcast on its YouTube website on Saturday, Jason claimed, “Travis would kill me.

Before that, he listed off a list of athletes he respected, but in the end, he settled on his Aunt Judy as the ideal podcast guest. Jason said, “We’ve got to have my Aunt Judy on the program.

Jason made this remark as his brother Travis Kelce was beginning a relationship with 33-year-old Swift. Since July, the NFL brothers have discussed the Grammy winner candidly on their New Heights podcast.

When Swift played the Kansas City stop of her Eras Tour in July, Travis, 34, admitted on the podcast that he had tried to offer her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

Since she was initially seen with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end leaving Arrowhead Stadium in his convertible after she attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears on September 24, Swift has been featured on the podcast multiple times since that episode.

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Most recently, on October 13, at the Chiefs’ game against the Denver Broncos, Jason and Travis talked about how they felt seeing their father, Ed Kelce, interact with Swift.

On Wednesday’s edition, Jason opened the discussion by saying, “If you were watching the game, you saw something momentous happen, which was Taylor Swift talking to Ed Kelce.”

“You know Dad like I know Dad,” Travis continued. “This conversation is terrifying. I felt awful that Taylor was in this.

The two made fun of how nerve-wracking talking to their father can be. Jason replied, “Who knows where that conversation is going if you see Dad talking to anyone and you can’t hear what’s going on.”

But at the end, they referred to Ed as the “best f—ing dad in the world” and said, “You can see in this picture all he’s doing is just absolutely pumping her up.”

Travis concluded the conversation by mentioning Ed and mentioning that Ed had begun to “a little more” listen to Swift’s music. “Thanks, Dad, for not making me look bad, partner,” he said.

Before wrapping up Wednesday’s program, Travis also talked about his weekend spent in New York City with Swift. Before their “spectacular” individual cameos on SNL and at the after-party, the two were pictured holding hands as they left for dinner. The following evening, after eating at the Waverly Inn restaurant, the pair left together as well.

Travis said, “We came to SNL with the intention of attending and supporting Ice Spice. Her and Taylor get along well.

Travis remarked of his last-minute participation in a spoof on what Jason referred to as “Swift mania in the NFL,” “I thought it was hilarious and when they asked me to be a part of it I was like, man, I’d be honored.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion remarked, “It was electric to be back in that place,” speaking to his first visit to the event since hosting it in March. “There is something peculiar about that room. I had an absolute ball, man, especially considering it was their first episode of the season.

Taylor is “unlike anyone Travis has dated before,” a source previously told PEOPLE, but the actor is more than ready for it.

“It was very unexpected for his friends, but he’s so into her and very, very happy,” the insider said. Some people assumed he was joking when he mentioned the jewelry and his prior summer crush on her, but he was serious.

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