“Travis Kelce Breaks His Silence on His Controversial Tweets”

This week was exciting for Travis Kelce because not only did his brother-versus-brother NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, play the Philadelphia Eagles, but his old tweets went viral. Travis recently revealed his true thoughts on his widely shared tweets that have reappeared again.

The tight end and his Eagles-star elder brother, Jason Kelce, discussed the surprising attention his tweets received on their podcast, New Heights.

Jason stated, “Let’s talk about maybe the biggest news from the past week,” on their podcast’s Nov. 22 episode. “And that’s the Travis Kelce tweets, circa 2009 to 2011.”

Travis gave a knowing laugh and then explained how he felt about the situation.

“What’s hilarious is that nobody followed me back then, and I was just using Twitter as like a diary,” Travis stated. “I’m just out here just saying nonsense.”

One of Travis’s most famous tweets from this period was addressed, saying, “I just gave squirrle a piece of bread, and it straight smashed all of it!!!!” I had no clue that was how they consumed bread! #crazy, hehe.”

Admittedly, the tight end “spelled squirrel like a jacka–.”

Jason, on the other hand, was giddy about the new spelling and joked, “First of all, that’s the new spelling for squirrel.” I will only use that spelling for squirrel going forward.Why it is spelled the other way is beyond me.”

“NAP TIME!” was another popular tweet that had too many exclamation points to count, according to enthusiasts.

As Travis put it, “nap time is a classic.”

“Who doesn’t love nap time?” concurred Jason.

Travis laughed and continued, “This is why I don’t tweet anymore because it’s just nonsense.”

What about the most popular unearthed tweet from Taylor Swift’s boyfriend?

Then Jason read the post aloud, responding, “This teacher tried to call on me in class like I wasn’t paying attention, well i was and i didn’t fold under pressure, DUB.” “This funniest one is this f–king teacher one,” he remarked.

In general, Travis handled the criticism he received for his previous Twitter behavior with grace.

Referring to his and Jason’s Christmas single “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” which peaked at No. 1 on iTunes, Travis remarked, “Nobody torched me for the singing.” “I got my fix for this one.”

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