Von Miller’s Dating History: Unveiling the Personal Life of the Bills Star

Von Miller is among the best linebackers of his generation, as evidenced by his accomplishments and statistics. The outstanding linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, who has won two Super Bowls, was named the MVP of his first victory in Super Bowl 50.

Von Miller has, as one might expect, had his fair share of high-profile romances throughout the years. We look into Miller’s past relationships in this post. Now, let’s get started without further ado.


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Who has Von Miller dated?

Megan Denise, a model and dancer, was Von Miller’s first well-known public partner. While Miller was a member of the Denver Broncos, they started dating in 2018.

Denise, who went by “Megan X,” was a stripper at Floyd Mayweather’s “Girl Collection” club before she started dating Miller. Denise accepted the part and became well-known enough to play the lead in short films such as “Typecasted,” “The Hat,” and “Private Investigations.” Throughout their relationship, the newlyweds experienced highs and lows, and both parties posted disparaging remarks on social media.

The couple does, however, have two children in spite of their turbulent relationship. The couple is still a volatile combination, and rumors have it that Denise is currently expecting her third child with Miller. A fascinating relationship exists between these two well-known figures.


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Von Miller’s other high-profile relationship

Miller has been involved in another high-profile relationship besides Megan Denise. That was in 2022 with the Lira Mercer model. Early in 2022, Mercer and Miller made their Instagram account official.

Mercer shared multiple images of herself with the future Hall of Famer on her Instagram stories, displaying a significant amount of PDA. Miller paid it forward by sending the model a photo, beneath which Mercer left the following remark:

“When I’m with you, @vonmiller, nobody is going to play with you.”

Rick Ross’s ex-fiance, Lira Mercer, previously dated Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the CEO of Quality Control Music, with whom she has a daughter. Since then, Miller and Mercer have parted ways, with the Buffalo Bills star deciding to try to patch things up with his children’s mother, Megan Denise.

Miller currently balances his work in the NFL with his personal life. The NFL icon and Megan Denise co-parent two toddler children, and there is rumored to be a third on the way. They have an intermittent connection.

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