Zack Moss Injury Update 2023

Zack Moss’s injury report for 2023 provides information on the running back’s present state and how it may affect the team’s next games.

He had a strong start to the 2023 fantasy football season, but he has had difficulty regaining the Indianapolis Colts starting lineup spot.

Due to injuries to his elbow and heel, the running back has been cut from the team.

Let’s examine Moss’s injury history, the factors that led to his exit from the offense, and if he is still a good fantasy option.

Colts’ Zack Moss: Eliminated from offense

Even though the fantasy football season got off to a great start, Zack Moss’s role in the Colts offense decreased.

He only saw one carry for two yards following his cut in Sunday’s 10–6 victory over the Patriots.

Jonathan Taylor ultimately carried the ball 22 times more than Moss did.

Moss’s final game as a starter came in Week 5, when Taylor recovered from an ankle injury.

Moss was formerly one of the team’s most dependable players, but he is now a true backup.

This unexpected revelation will affect his prospects of having a successful fantasy football season, even though the season is still a long way off.

Zack Moss tallies one touch in the win on Sunday

In Sunday’s victory over the New England Patriots, Zack Moss was benched and saw only one carry in the offense.

His scant involvement on Sunday indicates that he is not part of the Colts’ current scheme.

It’s clear that Jonathan Taylor is the Colts’ most productive running back. Compared to Moss’s lone carry, Taylor made 22 ball carries.

The group decided to cut down on Moss because Taylor’s skill set is what they like best. Taylor had a strong backup in Moss until the latter returned to the game.

Zack Moss Injury Update 2023: How did he get injured?

Due to elbow and heel ailments, Zack Moss might not be able to play in the next game against the New Orleans Saints.

We do not yet know the extent of his injury or when he will return.

But after the team’s first session in Week 8, he was noted as a participant.

Despite being injury-free during the whole game on Wednesday, he was surprisingly absent from action.

Even if the Colts are being cautious with their running back, Moss will still have two more opportunities to get additional reps in the practice.

Moss had arm surgery in the summer, though, thus he was unable to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1.

Although it is uncertain, it is important to discuss whether his elbow problem is connected to an associated condition.

Is Zack Moss a good fantasy pick?

Although Moss was one of the biggest surprises of the early season, his contribution to the inexperienced Indianapolis offense has decreased over time.

This season, he has finished four top-ten home runs, and he has now moved into a legitimate provisory phase.

Even with his lack of participation lately, Moss is still a viable fantasy option.

Important indicators of his value are his five touchdowns in six games and his 106.3 average total yards per game.

However, given his recent acquisition of a provisory part and his ambiguous injury status, it could be prudent to monitor him in the upcoming weeks.

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