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Maine- At Least 22 Killed in Multiple Mass Shootings

Lewiston, Maine, has had many shootings that have resulted in at least 22 fatalities, according to City Councilor Robert McCarthy, who quoted the city administration.

Mike Sauschuck, the Governor’s Office Public Safety Commissioner, stated during a press conference on Wednesday night that the violence started at roughly 6:56 p.m.

At least 22 fatalities have also been reported by Fox News and NBC News, who also cited law enforcement sources. According to CNN, the gunfire have resulted in at least 50 injuries in addition to the deaths.

Robert Card, 40, has been named as a person of interest in the attacks by the Lewiston Police Department in a Facebook post. Card is now at large and is regarded as “armed and dangerous.” According to the department, the shootings took place at the bowling alley Sparetime Recreation and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

The person of interest is a military-trained guns instructor who was recently admitted to a mental health facility for two weeks this past summer, according to the Associated Press, which cited a state police notice.

The report stated that the subject of interest had threatened to carry out a shooting at a Saco, Maine, military installation. The individual of interest reportedly claimed to have heard voices, according to the notice.

Sauschuck stated of the person of interest during the news conference on Wednesday: “If people see him, they should not approach card or make contact with him in any way.”

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In addition, Sauschuck said that a “vehicle of interest” has been discovered in Lisbon, a nearby town, and that both Lewiston and Lisbon inhabitants have been warned to remain indoors.

According to Sauschuck, counselors are available at Auburn Middle School, where a reunion center has been established.

According to McCarthy, the two hospitals in the neighborhood “have called in every staff member who is not on duty to deal with this. Our hospitals are not equipped to handle this kind of shooting event,” CNN reported. They’re making every effort possible.”

The guy, who looks to be carrying an assault rifle, has been featured in multiple photographs that Lewiston police have shared on their Facebook page. An image of what appears to be the suspect’s vehicle was also shared by the police.

Witness Nichoel Wyman Arel told CNN that she and her daughter were leaving a Girl Scout event when they noticed a line of people leaving the bowling facility.

“As we were leaving the scene we did see somebody who had blood all over them,” she stated.

She claimed that her daughter “was definitely scared.” She burst into tears. “Mom, this is a scary world we live in,” she said.

With 38,500 residents, Lewiston is the second most populated city in the state, behind Portland, which is located roughly 35 miles to the south. It is the location of both Bates College and the Dempsey Center, which was established by actor Patrick Dempsey to offer assistance to those suffering from ovarian cancer.

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