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How Max Greenfield’s Wife Maintains a Strong Bond with This One Rule After 21 Years

Even after more than twenty years of marriage, Max Greenfield and his wife Tess Sanchez still genuinely have puppy love!

At the April 30 premiere of his new Netflix film Unfrosted, the pair spoke with PEOPLE in Los Angeles, where Sanchez revealed how they maintain their close relationship through a dog.

“He needs to hire someone to help me with the dogs while he’s away,” adds Sanchez, who is also parents to Greenfield, 44: son Ozzie, 8, and daughter Lilly, 14.

“Everybody else is situated. But taking care of the dogs is such a big job,” she says.

When Greenfield jokes, “Maybe I’ll just take the dogs next time I go away,” his wife answers, “I call him and just express my resentment about him being gone.”


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Two canines, Rox and Darlene, who Greenfield and Sanchez brought home in July 2023, make up the family.

“Rox is simple. “Darlene isn’t tough; she just knows she needs to go for a walk,” explains Greenfield. “We’re trying to keep her healthy; she’s on a diet.”

Since the dog is a more recent addition to the family than he and Sanchez—who have been together for 21 years—the New Girl alum makes light of the fact that he’s “more concerned about [his] relationship” with Darlene.

Sanchez uploaded a picture of the couple from 2003 and wrote, “Flash Back Baby,” as the caption. Today, 21 years ago, gorgeous cheeks. IYKYK. I really do love you, @iammaxgreenfield.”

On the February Instagram image, costar Zooey Deschanel of Greenfield’s New Girl commented, “I thought you were Britney Spears in this pic.”


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In an interview with Parents for the October 2021 cover story of the magazine, Greenfield and Sanchez discussed their approach to parenting and the guidelines they hope their children would follow.

The mother of two noted at the time, “We are pretty relaxed about everything, except how they treat and talk to other people.” “We only ever lose our cool when we witness the children acting carelessly. They are aware of the necessity of kindness and compassion at all times.”

“We tell them­ that your friends, your teachers — everyone you meet — has a story, and you should be interested in it,” Greenfield continued.

Netflix is currently streaming Unfrosted.

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