A24’s Latest Gem: Egor Abramenko’s ‘Altar’ Takes Shape

A24 is collaborating with another up-and-coming talent! “Altar” is being developed by Egor Abramenko at the esteemed independent production business. The horror movie’s main photography will begin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in late July and end in early October of this year. Written by Will Soodik, the film promises a story that will haunt us in a number of ways.


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The story revolves around a 13-year-old boy whose innocence is shattered over the course of one summer day by both the tragedies of his absentee parents and the violent ex-boyfriend of his sister. Even though these situations are dire, the actual horror of the day is what lies beneath the calm surface of the neighborhood pool—the eldritch nightmare.

Russian director Abramenko debuted in a feature film in 2020 with the highly regarded horror picture “Sputnik.” The movie, which was influenced by beloved films like “Alien,” opens with a Russian astronaut who appears to be returning from a space mission during the Cold War alone. As a parasite is found in his body and an idealistic investigator is assigned to save his life, the tension builds. The film’s commercial success opened the door for Abramenko’s US premiere in the Maria Bakalova film “God’s Country.” Anticipated for release in October 2024, the horror film centers on a young Salvadoran woman whose journey to Kentucky turns her American dream into a nightmare.

ZQ Entertainment and Matt Reeves’ 6th & Idaho are collaborating on the upcoming film “God’s Country.” Reeves, a well-known figure in the horror genre, praised Abramenko’s abilities. Reeves declared in a statement that “Egor is an exciting emerging talent.” “Altar” author Will Soodik previously collaborated with Abramenko on “God’s Country.” Soodik wrote for the well-liked science fiction mystery series “Westworld” before venturing into the horror genre.

The “Altar” production team will be among many others bringing their stories to life in Winnipeg when the project is filming there. Filming for “Violent Night 2,” a Christmas action comedy that premiered in 2022, will take place here in late 2024. Filming for Ke Huy Quan’s film “With Love” is presently taking place in Winnipeg and is anticipated to wrap up by the third week of May. “Bruno Penguin and the Staten Island Princess,” a thriller directed by Nick Cassavetes, is another feature film that will be shot in the area this month. The movie’s premise—a group of researchers locked in a completely dark Antarctic facility, only for them to gradually turn on each other—might appeal to horror enthusiasts.

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