Emily Willis: A Remarkable Journey of Recovery After Battling for Her Life in a Vegetative Coma

Following a medical event earlier this year that put her in a vegetative state, Emily Willis is supposedly making progress.

As per TMZ, Willis—who last acted in the Steven Soderbergh-produced film Divinity in 2023—is still in a vegetative state as of late last month, although she is “awake” and able to follow objects with her eyes. The 25-year-old actress is reportedly reported to have been able to smile and display emotion when interacting with people, but according to her father, who was quoted in a recent report, doctors do not anticipate any further advances in the near future.

According to reports, the next step will be to try to get Willis transferred to a facility where she can continue to receive care while still being near her family. Although early reports suggested the health problem was the consequence of an accidental overdose, TMZ notes that the origin of Willis’ ailment is still unknown because early test data indicated no signs of drug use.

Actually, Willis’ family has already denounced the “misinformation” that gained traction after hearing of her illness. In early March, Willis’ brother wrote on a GoFundMe website that overdose claims “are not accurate as far as the doctors and my family know.”


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Willis’ family disclosed in the same post that she was “fighting for her life” while in a vegetative coma, and the funds gathered will be used to cover her rising medical costs. The fundraising started with a goal of $60,000, but it has since exceeded $70,000.

“Emily was receiving the treatment and help she needed at the time of the incident to overcome her struggles,” the brother of Willis stated. She hoped to succeed in other entertainment industries after leaving the adult industry about two years ago. People who collaborated with her in her new job path were aware of her potential for success.”

Willis received numerous AVN Awards before quitting the adult film industry, including Best All-Girl Movie or Anthology and Female Performer of the Year in 2021. Her 2023 schedule featured, in addition to the previously mentioned Divinity, a lead role in the Clown-directed music video for Slipknot’s Grammy-nominated hit “Hive Mind.”


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