Is Christian Pulisic Dating or Married? Unraveling the Mystery of His Relationship Status

Christian Pulisic, a 25-year-old soccer player, is still a sensation in the league with his new squad, AC Milan. Because of his skill at soccer, Pulisic was traded to AC Milan, a Serie A team, in June 2023. With a net worth of between $10 and $15 million, Christian continues to amass great wealth on the field, but it’s his recent actions off the game that have his followers, particularly his female admirers, fixated on Pulisic’s love life.

Is Christian Pulisic Married?

Despite taking considerable precautions to keep his love life private, Christian Pulisic announced his single status on social media this year. That didn’t stop the rumors, though, that the star of the US Men’s Soccer team was having an affair with Julie Ertz of the US Women’s Team.

It is thought that Santa Clara University, a member of the UC undergraduate system in the San Francisco Bay Area, is where Julie and Christian initially met during their undergraduate years. The power soccer couple has been spotted together on the beach and in other public places, despite the fact that neither Julie nor Christian have formally shared their relationship status or images on social media.

Prior to the unofficial romance that developed between Julie and Christian, however, Pulsic’s admirers in soccer caught a glimpse of a special woman in his life in 2021 when Natalie Burkholder sat beside him at an MLS game—despite the fact that she was sporting Mateo Kovacic’s, Christina’s teammate’s jersey.

Soon after their public meeting, Christian Pulisic’s admirers discovered that he had started to follow Natalie on Instagram, where pictures of the joyful pair served as more evidence of the depth of their friendship.

Christian Pulisic’s Previous Love Interests

Christian Pulisic and American theater actress and singer Paige Lawrence were recently connected romantically. Paige, who is well-known for her inspirational stage portrayal of French music icon Edith Piaf and her weekly radio show, has also been spotted publicly supporting Christian during his matches with the US National Men’s team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Even though Paige Lawrence is a well-known person, her relationship with Christian Pulisic has never been officially confirmed. Maybe because Paige, like Christian, doesn’t boast about her love life or post images of her significant others. If Paige and Christian were dating, her quiet could have made it easier for Christian to do well enough to secure a big contract with AC Milan.

Christian has a sizable following base in Europe, which may have contributed to the romantic connections he has made with German model and TV host Sophia Thomalla. Sophia, who has almost two million followers on social media and displays an ostentatious lifestyle, has sparked speculation about a potential romance between Christian and the soccer community.

Sophia, who has been linked to Hollywood actor Zac Efron and has been married twice to high-profile men, was spotted in public with Christian Pulisic at a Dortmund soccer match. Sophia has since been spotted fervently supporting Christian Pulisic at his games.

Christian Pulisic’s Career Highlights

Since he was 17 years old in 2016, Pulisic has been playing soccer at a championship level for Borussia Dortmund. Pulisic’s path to soccer glory began when he was ten years old and was a trainee at Barcelona’s renowned La Masia Academy. Despite being a native of Hershey, Pennsylvania, Christian was eligible to play professional soccer in Europe at the age of sixteen since his grandfather is Croatian.

Christian quickly made an impression on the soccer community and well-known sports betting websites like FanDuel Sportsbook thanks to his prolific scoring, making him the youngest player from the United States to score a goal and provide an assist in the UEFA Champion’s League. And with two goals and an assist in his last three games, Pulisic made a lasting impact on Dortmund supporters before leaving for Chelsea.

At a whooping $73 million, Chelsea, the English Premier Football team, quickly become Pulisic the highest-paid player in North America for 2019. The midfielder, dubbed the “Lebron James” and “Captain America” of soccer, did not let anyone down as he guided Chelsea to the FIFA Club World Cup in 2021.

Despite accepting a lucrative contract with high hopes, Christian has struggled with a number of ailments throughout his time with the Chelsea Blues, which has reduced his playing time. Pulisic has also discovered that he must compete with other Chelsea players for playing time. Furthermore, Christian was forced to exit the game due to a hamstring injury, despite helping his new AC Milan team defeat Saint-German 2-1 in the Champions League.

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