Get To More About Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé Jonathan Davino

Even though Sydney Sweeney starred in the romantic comedy Anyone But You, she still refuses to open up about her relationship with fiancé Jonathan Davino to the world.

Following reports that the two were dating in 2018, the Euphoria actress and Davino got engaged in 2022. Nonetheless, Sweeney has generally kept quiet about her relationship, choosing to keep the specifics to herself.

In December 2023, she said to Glamour UK, “I think it’s important to have something for myself. Everyone is always so curious about who I’m with and what’s that like.” “Aside from that, I’m very open.” I do try to keep something for myself, even though I talk about so much that it occasionally gets me into difficulty.

In addition to denying several rumors about him, including the one that he is not a restaurateur, Sweeney said that they have begun working together on producing projects after six years of dating.

Who is the fiancé of Sydney Sweeney, then? Everything you need to know about Jonathan Davino and the actress is provided here.

He is a businessman from Chicago

It was previously stated by a number of outlets—which Sweeney clarified is untrue—that Davino was a restaurateur and the owner of several closed restaurants in Chicago.

She said to Glamour UK, “He’s not a restaurateur.” “I’m not sure where that originated. Furthermore, he is not a pizza firm heir. He is a man of commerce. His hometown is Chicago. After six years of witnessing [this story], I’m thinking, ‘What the hell?’

He and Sweeney were first seen together in 2018

The duo first raised eyebrows when they were spotted together at a number of events, such as the 2018 Emmy Party on Hulu and a dinner party hosted by Kate Spade and InStyle.

They were seen sitting courtside at a Madison Square Garden New York Knicks basketball game the following year.

Before viewers had another sight of the sly couple, another year went by. Sweeney and Davino were seen cuddling up to the sun and sharing a kiss on a beach in Maui, Hawaii, in November 2020.

They got engaged in 2022

PEOPLE verified that Sweeney and her partner were engaged when she appeared in public in February 2022 sporting a diamond ring on her left ring finger. She told Glamour UK she had “no comment” when asked about the status of her engagement, although she has been transparent about her wedding preparations.

In December 2023, Sweeney said to Entertainment Tonight that she has been too busy to arrange her wedding quite yet, but she is excited about it.

I have a lot of work to do! “I love what I do, even though I’m a workaholic,” she remarked when asked how the planning process was going.

She went on to tell Glamour UK that although she and Davino hadn’t talked about the specifics yet, she already had a ton of ideas stored on a childhood Pinterest page.

“Which girl doesn’t make a wedding Pinterest board?” remarked the actress from White Lotus. “I was around ten when I first started making that.” As of yet, I lack a color scheme. As I like to plan experiences more than anything else, I ask myself, “What experience do I want to give people?” Are we taking a trip somewhere tropical? Do we have a carnival going on?”

Davino hadn’t yet seen the board, Sweeney continued.

Sweeney wants to have a large family in the future

Even though Sweeney and Davino may not be getting married anytime soon, she has thought about how they want to grow their family.

“I consider having four children,” she admitted to Glamour UK. “When they’re little, I want to teach them how to ski, and then I want them to follow me on adventures, hike with me, learn how to build tree houses, and just let their imaginations run wild.” I am very, truly looking forward to that.

The actress went on to say that her perspective varies according on where she is. While she’s in a big city, she thinks, “It would be insane if I got married before I turned thirty,” but back home in Idaho, she thinks, “Everyone I know is married and has kids.” “Oh my God, I’m behind the train right now,” I exclaim. How do I retrieve it?”

They have worked together

Davino was not employed in the film industry prior to the couple’s dating. But throughout the last six years of their partnership, they’ve started working together on projects, frequently side by side.

Sweeney even co-produced her romantic comedy, Anyone But You, with Davino.

She told Glamour UK, “Jonathan is my producing partner, so he helped put the whole thing together.” Working with someone who is so familiar with you and who genuinely believes in your ideas, vision, and voice is very wonderful. It’s also pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to spend all of their time with their best friend?

In an August 2023 interview with Variety, she went on to say that she likes “working with smart individuals,” which is why she likes working with Davino.

Sweeney prefers to keep her relationship private

Sweeney has disclosed a few information about her relationship, but she has been largely silent about Davino because she wants to maintain that privacy.

Sweeney stated in a February 2022 Cosmopolitan cover story that she deliberately avoids dating those who are “in the spotlight.”

“I don’t date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it’s easiest,” she stated. “My network of support is excellent. There are those that will stand up for me and give me space to shine without ever making me feel like I should take a step back because I’m shining too brightly.”

She also said in her interview with Glamour UK that she doesn’t discuss her romantic relationships since she understands how uncommon “steady” relationships can be in the entertainment industry.

The Reality star declared, “I’ve been in a steady relationship for a really long time, which is not normal for my age or in this industry.” “What I’ve observed about the concept of celebrity is that people truly enjoy elevating and demolishing others.”

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