Netflix’s ‘Ransom Canyon’: A Star-Studded Western Adventure with Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly

Get ready for a brand-new western epic! Netflix will release Ransom Canyon, starring Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly. The new romance drama by April Blair is based on the same-titled book series by Jodi Thomas.

Jinny Howe from Netflix earlier told Deadline, “It’s a contemporary Western romance show, just looking for more in this comfort romance space.” We like to compare this multigenerational family show to Virgin River meets Yellowstone. It is situated on a ranch. We anticipate that it will live up to all the romance expectations and that it will once more offer a breathtaking scenery and location that is ideal for escape.”

Here’s all you need to know about Ransom Canyon, including the cast and release date, before you saunter on over to the sofa to watch.

How to watch Ransom Canyon

Netflix will provide Ransom Canyon.

How many episodes will there be of Ransom Canyon?

Ten episodes lasting an hour are in store for Netflix customers.

What is the Ransom Canyon release date?

Although the exact release date is yet unknown, Netflix has hinted that Ransom Canyon will be available “coming soon.” The series was “in development in early stages,” according to Howe, who disclosed this information to Deadline in 2022. “But we’re very excited about it; it feels very promising.”

Who is in the Ransom Canyon cast?

We currently only know two members of the cast:

Josh Duhamel as Staten Kirkland

Duhamel’s character is the owner and lone occupant of the Double K Ranch; he is portrayed as austere and unwavering. “Staten leads the charge to resist outside forces threatening his way of life and the land that he loves,” according to Netflix.

Minka Kelly as Quinn

The persona of Kelly “often found herself in the shadow of others.” Quinn goes to New York to pursue her profession as a concert pianist before coming back to Ransom Canyon “to carve out a new path for herself.”

What is Ransom Canyon about?

Based on Jodi Thomas’s book series Ransom Canyon, there is a drama on Netflix. The show’s logline describes it as a “romance-fueled family drama and contemporary western saga that charts the intersecting lives of three ranching families, all set against the rugged expanse of Texas Hill Country.”

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